Vagex Updates

Change is undeniably inevitable, even with Vagex. Have you received your newsletter yet? In case not, you must be missing a lot. For one, earning 1000 credits from tweeting your referral link has been there for a while now but there are several things you have to keep in mind. Here they are:

  • You need to tweet your referral link with #Vagex, for example, “Join Vagex #vagex”. You can do this each day. However credits are only given to those tweets that appear in the #Vagex feed.
  • Credits are not given for more than one tweet each day.
  • One twitter account cannot make posts for multiple Vagex accounts.
  • One referral link cannot be tweeted by multiple twitter accounts.
  • Only tweets from established twitter accounts may appear in the feed and hence be verified.
  • Ensure your tweets appear in the Twitter public feed (meaning, everyone can see it when signed out of twitter).

Other things included in the updates are:

  • Android and iOS viewers developed, called Hexagon and Yoghi respectively.
  • Forum reopened
  • Transactions page showing incoming and outgoing credit amounts
  • Referral cards to print out with a referral QR code on the back
  • Easier method to add a video
  • Mobile site updates

Now these does not stop there as for in the upcoming weeks, updates for the Firefox viewer and Vagfighter for for Android and iOS will be introduced. So, better stay tuned for more from Vagex.




Take The Civil Service Exam This October

Are you someone who wants to serve the government and be part of Duterte administration?

Are you someone who already took but failed the Civil Service exam in the past?

Are you 18 years old and above?

If you are anyone of the above, then it is your chance to take part of the nationwide Career Service examination, Paper-and-Pencil (CSE-PPT) on October 23, 2016. An announcement has been posted since last year. A cousin of mine took and passed the exam scheduled last  April, 2016. With that, I am interested in trying it again, for the second time. It felt bad to have failed and realized you are just a percentile away from the passing score.

Application form can be downloaded from the CSC website. Deadline of application is on September 1, 2016. For other qualifications and information, check out the Career Service Examination announcement here.


The LIFE That You Want



We all go through a phase in life where you are wanting something you cannot really name or have a hard time determining what. Then you hear and read words that are not really in the encouragement category and may not really be pointed or thrown at you but affects you so much and breaks your heart a lot more. That confusing feeling that somehow stresses you out because it keeps bothering you day and night. Then this confusion causes depression and then makes you feel that you have become a little crazy that you find yourself crying over the littlest of things. Well, we all are, crazy. At some point, end of last year and early this year, I somehow have gone through this phase. I think I have been coward to go for what I really want for a long time. It doesn’t mean that I opted for something I do not want and something that is not right though. It just came to a point that I came to realize that there is a gap within me – a blank space I needed to fill in with something beautiful maybe. Something happy. Something warm. Something brighter. And that something will sure allow me to go further, fulfill dreams and help me a lot to become the better version of what I opted to do and be at the past and of course, be the best version of me for the future. And at the end of it all, this big step I took is not really about me after all… but for the people I love most. We are all like plants that needed water and sunlight to be at our best and give either fruit or flowers to the people around us. Sometimes you (the plant) can even give both flowers and fruits, and even more.

I came to realize that this quote/phrase from Eckhart Tolle  I have read sometime ago is indeed true. I would like to share it with you too.



There are times that stress is also cause by not “wanting to be there” but also by over thinking. By being so negative by some thing or someone new to you even if you have not given it a try or chance to prove its worth.

LIFE is a battle for some, a game of gamble for some and even like a wheel of fortune for others. No matter how you look at it, no matter how you go with the flow, no matter how take it…we all are going for the life that we want.



*credits to the image owner


5 Day Gratitude Challenge

I was tagged by a dear friend, Joy of  JoyRide and so I decided to create a 2-in-1 post at first. To not lose the momentum, I guess.

Sept. 14, I am grateful for..

– the person who found Nhald’s wallet. Our faith in humanity is still there because of him/them.
– the ability to recognize something good out of an obvious mistake. We got the chance to go out together as partners, it was quite an adventure.
– the simple fact that my kids’ have the ability to take care of each other while Mom & Dad is out.

Sept. 15. I am grateful for…

– an additional rest day for the kids and that Malacañang initiated the suspension of classes as early as last night because of thypoon Luis.
– my awesome clients for the trust they have given me.
– Keanna’s achievement for the 1st grading period.

I have this posted in my Facebook account but since we are promoting something really good here, it is best to share it in public too. So, if you were tagged by a friend, be it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or through blogs and other social media websites, go ahead and join in. You will be surprised as to how much there is to really be thankful for instead of wasting our time with all the what-if’s and I should have’s.

Have a great day everyone!

An Alternative Outlook with Natural Remedies for Type 2 Diabetes

Photo Credits: Women’s Health Magazine
Photo Credits: Women’s Health Magazine

If your doctor told you that you have Type 2 diabetes, it’s not the end of the world. It is a dreadful disease, but there are ways to manage this metabolic disorder. The first step is to understand it and the treatment options at your disposal. Always remember, you have options. There are, of course, the traditional medications that doctors will prescribe to you. Then there are the complementary alternative medicines (CAM) that people of this generation are starting to embrace. Then finally, there are natural remedies for diabetes Type 2 that you may want to try for all its merits.

There is nothing wrong with listening to your doctor. There are, however, good reasons to try alternative treatments. Natural remedies for Type 2 diabetes especially the safe ones are good to try especially when they do not have any possible adverse side effects. For people who can’t afford expensive maintenance drugs, natural remedies are great alternatives that cannot be ignored. Here are a few remedies that you can derive from natural sources:

• Aloe Vera. This medicinal herb has wonderful uses in treating minor cuts, burns and other skin disorders. Recent studies are showing that its gel or sap has a lowering effect in blood sugar. Phytosterol compounds were isolated and were proven to have good effect sin lowering blood glucose as well as glycosylated hemoglobin levels.

• Cinnamon. Numerous studies have already revealed that cinnamon can improve the glucose level of people with Type 2 diabetes as well as the levels of LDL, triglycerides, cholesterol, and total cholesterol. Cinnamon works by decreasing insulin resistance, a case when the hormone insulin is not working as it should. Overall, a significant number of clinical trials have shown this spice to be an effective natural treatment for the uncontrolled type 2 diabetics. With its reasonable cost, safety profile, and over-the-counter availability, it is a low risk option that is worthy to be considered.

• Royal jelly. This secretion from honeybees nurtures larvae and adult queen bees. A new research conducted in the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine showed that royal jelly can maintain blood sugar levels while controlling oxidative stress at the same time. Apparently, there is an insulin-like property in royal jelly that produces remarkable side effects on blood sugar, which could be beneficial for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Incidentally, you can learn more about royal jelly at LifetimeHealth.

• Food or supplements high in zinc. People suffering from Type 2 diabetes generally have low zinc status because of its decreased absorption and high rate of excretion. Zinc supplements constitute an efficient way of supplying the body with a specific daily dosage. But if you want it to come from natural sources, you can get it from foods such as fresh oysters, pecans, lamb, split peas, rye, egg yolk, beef liver, walnuts, almonds, lima beans, chicken, sardines, chicken, buckwheat, and ginger root.

• Ginseng. American ginseng is the kind used in studies related to diabetes management. Most studies using ginseng show that it can lower blood sugar levels in fasting, after-meal sugar, and A1c levels that refers to the average sugar over a period of three months. The actual mechanism and the lack of standardization in its usage, however, are still unknown. These limit its effective use in the attenuation and treatment of Type 2 diabetes.

• Foods or supplements containing chromium. This is an essential trace element that is important in fat and carbohydrate metabolism and that helps the body cells respond well to insulin. Diabetics typically have low levels of chromium. Studies showed that chromium could lead to the formation of the glucose tolerance factor that helps insulin perform better.

• Magnesium-rich foods and supplements. Magnesium is believed to play a role in insulin resistance. It is also relevant to over 300 biochemical reactions leading to nerve function, immune function, bone health, maintenance of normal blood pressure, healthy heart normal muscle function and many more. Magnesium is found in nuts and seeds, green leafy vegetables, and whole grains and in nutritional supplements among others.

Diabetes is indeed a heart-rending disorder that can wreak havoc to your normal life. Do not let it have the upper hand, fight it with natural remedies for Type 2 diabetes.

Three Kids’ Party Themes for Boys and Girls

*A guest post

Image Credit: Catch My Party
Image Credit: Catch My Party


Throwing a birthday bash for your child becomes an excuse for you to let out the kid in you. However, this time, you’re using your imagination to build kids’ party themes with your child’s interest as inspiration. Party themes make it easy to plan and organize all the components of the event. From there, you can let loose your creativity to build food, decorations, favors, and activity ideas that match well with the theme.

Here are bright ideas for kids’ party themes complete with all the essential elements that make any children’s party rock.

Superhero Party Theme: Fight the bad guys and bring peace and justice to the earth with a superhero party theme.

• Invitations: There are plenty of online shops selling character party supplies, and you need just choose your child’s favorite among the lot. For instance, if your son is so much into the Caped Crusader, you can easily order Batman party supplies that include invitations. Simply fill out the invites with the important details of the party.
• Decorations: The party supplies mentioned above are normally available in bulk, which means even decorations and buntings are already included. Of course you still have the liberty to choose other Batman-inspired party decorations like a Batman standee, perhaps, or a scene setter that you can hang on a wall.
• Food: Bake or order a Batman cake. In addition, serve mini cupcakes with Batarang icing or candy on top. These are perfect complement for bat-shaped chicken nuggets generously dipped in honey-mustard. Serve them in mini pie tin foils.
• Activities: Make paper cutouts of costumes worn by characters in Batman cartoons. Have several adults line up in front, mix the cutouts in various boxes, and ask kids to pick out costume pieces in the boxes and dress up the adults in heroes and villains costumes. That would surely test the kids’ knowledge of their favorite Caped Crusader.
• Favors: Form mini boxes in the shape of the Batarang or any of Batman’s weapons and fill it these with yummy candies. Secure the box with a Batman sticker.

Disney Princess Party Theme: If you know your little girl fantasizes being a fairy princess, you can make her dream come true with this magical party theme.

• Invitations: Form the shape of fairy wing, tiara, or magic wand from vellum or translucent paper. Embellish the design with trinkets such as plastic jewels, glitter dust, or artificial flower. Write the details of the party on the cutout.
• Decorations: Fill the entire party area with flowers and other stuff that can rival a real princess’ kingdom. Tie flower garlands on table and chairs. Hang swirls from the ceilings. Cover short stools with combination of colorful fabrics to make them appear as giant mushrooms.
• Food: Line up the buffet table with edible glitters. Serve fudgy fairy-dust wand cupcakes. Serve colorful fruit juices in colorful drinking cups.
• Activities: Hire a face painter to draw swirly designs and apply glitters on the kids. Make sure to use non-toxic face and body paint. It is best to host the party in the garden so you can organize a treasure hunt for kids to chase after pretty jewels and fancy toys.
• Favors: Send off the beaming guests with hair accessories, nail polish, lip gloss, plastic jewels, and other stuff little girls are crazy about.

Pet Lover’s Party Theme: If your child is fond of animals, choose from kids party themes that focus on his animal friend. This does not mean inviting all the kids’ pets instead your guests can come dress up to pretend as the cute and adorable furry companion they care for.

• Invitations: Use construction paper or other heavy paper material in cutting out the shape of paws, dog heads, or dog tags. Punch a hole on the upper end then attach a beaded chain to make it look like an animal tag. Write all the details on the available space.
• Decorations: Fill the party space with your child’s animal stuff toys.
• Food: Look for recipes to learn puppy-face cupcakes, just the perfect treat for the partying little masters.
• Activities: This time, let the kids show how obedient they are as they play Master Says or Simon Says. Put a little twist by asking the players to pretend to be their own pets, all alert on their hands and knees. Design an obstacle course with tunnels, hoops, and other barriers. Make sure to employ safety measures during these activities.
• Favors: Use brown paper bags as take-home doggy goodie bags. Fill the loot bags with candies and pet-related toys. Don’t forget to include something for the pet waiting at home.

Kids’ party themes let you and the birthday celebrant work together to make the event more cohesive and fun. Choose a theme that best characterizes your child’s personality and speak volume about his/her interests.


Kitchen Design: The Evolution

Everyone of us dreams of a nice home, with a beautiful kitchen. If not all, at least I do and I know some Mommy friends do too. My dream kitchen has been drafted in my mind for some time now but of course, it is interesting to know how the kitchen design has evolved. This way, we may be able to discover things and ideas that we may want to add in our dream kitchens.

History of Kitchen Design – Infographic

The History of Kitchen Design Infographic by Kitchen Cabinet Kings

Read more:

To the right path…

to post

I was browsing through new posts from my Instagram account, and then I saw three consecutive posts from Kristine Hermosa Sotto (@khsotto ). I was inspired, really. So inspired I made this (quoted from her posts).  I found out from the photo comments the posts were from All Devotion Bible application. Inspiring message from Psalm 25:5.

Life Hacks from Pinterest

It’s summer and the weird weather made my girls thirst more not just for snacks that can keep their cool but for fun indoor activities as well. Due to our very tight budget (yes, you have read it right), we are mostly just at home and our outdoor activities normally happens during Sundays to attend the mass and mid-week for the market. That is already fun, we make sure there is learning and so as fun. It is honestly a challenge but I am a bit surprise of myself too that I have become good with budget meals and still serve kids with healthy snacks. We also have been making ice pops (ice candy), Buko Pandan or Lychee flavored gelatin and Mais con Hielo. Plus, we have been receiving servings of HaloHalo (from in laws) too.

As a SMM assistant, I have been consistently updating a client’s Pinterest account and learned a lot from it already. Home ideas, DIYs and life hacks as well. I have been pinning most of the ideas I get from everywhere in Pinterest and so as trying some, when I need to.

My elder daughter started sneezing and coughing hard Friday night during sleep and then suffered from colds, headache and low fever the next day. This may have been because we frequently grab something cold to drink and munch on. So, right before sleeping, I tried this on her:

Pinterest |
Pinterest |

I gave her a little massage as I rub ample amount of Vick’s Vapo-Rub on her neck, back and chest . Her little sister also insisted on having some in her feet and to put on her socks afterwards. I’ll have to make sure too to serve them with either Kalamansi juice or PJ. I have read from a Pinterest photo link that: “Pineapple Juice is 5 times more effective than cough syrup. It also prevents colds and flu.”  We love Pineapple juice and so as munching the sweet fruit itself.

I am thankful to have learned a lot from Pinterest but I never liked to use any  life hacks such as this one (cure tips) especially for my kids. Health is wealth as we say and parents would not want kids to suffer even from cough and colds. With this being said, I also have doubled their Vitamin C intake. This has worked for my kids every time.