4 Days of a Memorable Training and On-Site Visit

4 Days of a Memorable Training and On-Site Visit

We cannot say no to upskill training! This is the only reason I had to visit TaskUs. After having been employed for a year, it is my first time visiting The Fort Excellence TaskUs site in Meycauayan, Bulacan.

I was hired sometime in August last year and on a temporarily work from home setup. From training to nesting and boot camp, everything has been through online communication channels. And guess what? I honestly thought it will be hard, but because of the superb abilities and skills of our Learning Experience Leaders, we were able to adapt and perform our jobs properly.

Welcoming Changes

Our batch was endorsed and surprisingly, everyone’s excelling and exceeding expectations. There are challenges, but we learn and allow these challenges to help us get better at what we do. TaskUs has been generous and true to their “People-First” advocacy. I may have mentioned that we have been excelling as a team, but it doesn’t mean that it should stop there.  It wasn’t long ago when we faced some changes for our team. We all got transferred to a new team, with a new Team Leader and teammates.

As we have embraced the changes, we have also welcomed an invitation for four days of training, on-site! It was a surprise to us since the team has been used to online training and work too. However, it was also a refreshing and exciting invitation we couldn’t say no to. Everyone on the team got quite excited about the idea and the privilege, of course!

Almost everyone from our batch has not visited the site since we got hired. We were all giddy about the idea that we get to finally see and feel the well-maintained, playful, and colorful site facilities we only get to see in videos and photos online. Also a chance to claim our employee IDs and HMO cards from the clinic.

On-Site Training

On-site training tour

Our new Team Leader has been working on-site since the return to office invitation has been rolled-out last May. She generously took the time to personally give us a tour. TaskUs Meycauayan has a fun theme, it’s like a kid’s play area – a place where you can work, learn, play and rest too! We were amazed by what we saw on that short tour.

The second floor has all the wellness facilities – a gym, clinic, sleeping quarters, lactation room, soundproof pod, lounge areas with massage chairs, and a spa! The third floor is for recreation – definitely a fun area to stay after a long day’s work.

We do not have these by working from home, that’s why we are honored to have been selected for this training, and at least, we get to enjoy what the company has prepared for all the employees on site. but I honestly think soundproofing my work area at home would be a great idea!

Our four days of training and site visit, I must say, is worth it! From the upskill training, having the privilege of being trained by the clients, meeting teammates and leaders working from the site, learning new things, and enjoying the company facilities, I also got the chance to finally claim our HMO cards.

Our training may be short but being able to experience firsthand how TaskUs employees are working and enjoying being with the company is something I can be proud of. I am willing to be trained again, on-site, in the future if invited and allowed to do so.

I have once mentioned that I am no longer going back to the BPO industry, but only TaskUs has made me change that decision. Aside from the real need for a full-time job during the peak of the pandemic, I saw and felt how warm and welcoming the company is. Truly a people-first company. There is no perfect company out there, only perfect companies that match your criteria – wants and needs.

So, because of how I enjoy being employed in this company, I have been inviting friends to also apply and be with us. Come and see how fulfilling it is to be with TaskUs.


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