World Teachers’ Day: An Appreciation Post

World Teachers’ Day: An Appreciation Post

As we all celebrate World Teachers’ Day, let’s also appreciate the many personas a teacher has in our lives. One of the best professions indeed.

A few months back, I received an offer from my husband’s aunt, a College Dean from a school in another town nearby to enroll in the Professional Education course. She offered it to my husband, my brother-in-law, and me. In the end, I was the only one who enrolled. We have two half-day classes a week. Since I have a split schedule at work, two of the subjects overlap my productive hours. It was quite hard to focus on the lesson and at the same time attend to your duties as a Customer Service Support staff.


After about four sessions, I was left wondering if I had made a mistake in enrolling in the course. The good thing is that TaskUs is true to its people-first culture and after submitting a document as proof of my return as a student, my request for days off change was approved. So, during my rest days, I switch to being a student, so I can become a teacher. I also plan on taking other technical courses from TESDA.

I haven’t really thought of becoming one until I became a mom. A good friend and I had plans of taking this course when my elder daughter was just starting school but our circumstances did not allow for it to push through back then. We went on with different career paths. Now that I am learning more about being a good and effective teacher from our wonderful professor, I have no regrets about taking this course. I am inspired even! I wish I could send her an appreciation letter personally, but we only held classes online.

I have heard a lot of negative feedback from a few teachers I know, the positive ones are far greater. I truly admire teachers, especially with their dedication to molding their students and allowing them to become better, not only academically, but holistically. Being a teacher is never an easy profession.


So, here’s an appreciation for all that you do, dear teachers! Cheers and more power! I am hoping to pass and become a good teacher like you all.

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