3 Great Reasons Why Handwritten Cards Has An Absolute Impact on People

3 Great Reasons Why Handwritten Cards Has An Absolute Impact on People

Handwritten cards are one great way to express your thoughts and feelings, have you written one lately?

In this time and age when almost every individual has a mobile phone, tablet, or computer to use to send messages, would you still like to receive handwritten messages? The answer could be a yes, or a maybe, right? Although it is easier and faster to send out messages through email or SMS format, do we not feel there’s something missing sometimes? Yes, you were able to relay the message but the connection and the truest emotion the sender is imparting may not be felt at all. In fact, it may even be misinterpreted. This mostly happens when computerized written messages or cards are sent out to someone special to you.

Handwritten letters

People I know from the younger generation, and most of my daughter’s friends would say that they still prefer to receive handwritten notes, cards, and letters. Here are the top three reasons why:

1. Handwritten Letters Are Heartwarming

I still remember how touched I was when Ronald and I received a handwritten letter from Kea during her 6th-grade graduation, I cried. Her Dad wasn’t able to finish reading and laughed at me while I was in tears. I was already aware that they prepared letters for parents, but the fact that she was able to express her thoughts and how grateful she was for everything we do and provide for her and her sister, was really heartwarming. We really felt special.

There are many kinds of messages we receive, on a daily basis in fact, but handwritten ones are the most genuine. Even if the letter and its content make you cry, you will never get tired of reading it. Its warmth touches your heart right on spot!

Another benefit of handwriting letters is that it sparks a sense of creativity in you, the writer. You get to think of ideas on how to enhance your handwriting, and design or decorate the card or paper you use which includes being able to use different kinds of pens in all colors you prefer. It may also help you relax or even sharpen your focus. In other words, the benefits aren’t just for the receiver but for the writer or sender as well.

2. Handwritten Messages Are Rare and Unique

As mentioned, it is easier and more practical to send out text messages or emails nowadays. We all live in a very fast-paced environment where technology reigns and run almost everything around us. Handwritten messages have somehow become so rare and most of us miss opportunities to make any occasion extra special.

So, if you are one of the people who have a very busy lifestyle yet want to send out special handwritten cards to your relatives, friends, colleagues, or loved ones, fret no more! Thank you card service is the answer to your needs! They will be the ones to write your personal messages in a very special way. Plus, it’s beautifully handwritten! Isn’t it amazing? Technology indeed is so great that it allows us to connect with people faster, easier, and now… in a very unique way too!

Handwritten cards and letters

3. Handwritten Cards Are Memorable

Since these are tangible keepsakes, you can save them in a treasure box, and you can also add these handwritten letters, cards, or short thank you notes in a scrapbook or even your diary. These will be memorable and will surely spark happiness within you come such a time you get to read them again.

Handwritten cards have this magical ability for us to always remember the giver and how they made us feel. The warmth and happiness don’t end overnight, they are so memorable that the wonderful emotion could last a lifetime. How you feel about the letters or cards may change through the years but will absolutely still make you feel grateful and highly appreciate the sender.

There may be fewer handwritten letters, notes, or cards being sent out as compared to the previous years, but I personally think its value and impact will never be erased or forgotten.

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