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– Sales/Marketing Experience and knowledge in Investments an added value but NOT REQUIRED.
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Vagex Updates

Change is undeniably inevitable, even with Vagex. Have you received your newsletter yet? In case not, you must be missing a lot. For one, earning 1000 credits from tweeting your referral link has been there for a while now but there are several things you have to keep in mind. Here they are:

  • You need to tweet your referral link with #Vagex, for example, “Join Vagex #vagex”. You can do this each day. However credits are only given to those tweets that appear in the #Vagex feed.
  • Credits are not given for more than one tweet each day.
  • One twitter account cannot make posts for multiple Vagex accounts.
  • One referral link cannot be tweeted by multiple twitter accounts.
  • Only tweets from established twitter accounts may appear in the feed and hence be verified.
  • Ensure your tweets appear in the Twitter public feed (meaning, everyone can see it when signed out of twitter).

Other things included in the updates are:

  • Android and iOS viewers developed, called Hexagon and Yoghi respectively.
  • Forum reopened
  • Transactions page showing incoming and outgoing credit amounts
  • Referral cards to print out with a referral QR code on the back
  • Easier method to add a video
  • Mobile site updates

Now these does not stop there as for in the upcoming weeks, updates for the Firefox viewer and Vagfighter for for Android and iOS will be introduced. So, better stay tuned for more from Vagex.




Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3 & a Blessing!

The world has long been waiting for this 3rd fight. They say that this will put an end to the battle between who is really better, Manny or Juan Manual? The Filipino or the Mexican?

A lot must have been wondering what the outcome would be and so as really excited to see the fight. As of now, the main fight has not started yet. I am but one of those who are in the look for live streaming and lucky to have found one…one I wouldn’t share. reasons behind is not being selfish but of course it is more of ethics. If I share it, I will definitely violate something…something I am not really sure even, so better not to. =) I know everyone understands that. Besides, if someone enters the words live streaming or the fighters’ names in Google, you’ll definitely find a lot. Thank you. The fight will be shown a little late at GMA 7 so there’ll be no Party Pilipinas today. For sure, here in the Philippines, there’ll be no traffic problems nor reported crimes as soon as the fight start.  =) That’s but one of the many good things every Pacquiao fight does to the Philippines. We are so hopeful he wins this fight. I am truly excited.

The blessing I am referring to is that a new contract started today. I got hired for another Pinterest job and  I am but thankful. I can now say that I am definitely enjoying being a freelancer and being hands-on-mom at the same time. Aside from the fact I earn online, I get to be with my kids. I still have to perfect managing my time though but I am slowly getting there. I am but so thankful!

Vagex Credits: How To Get Twitter Post URL

I thought of making this guide in relation to my previous Vagex post. As I have mentioned in that post, there are several ways to earn credits for Vagex. Facebook and Twitter posts are just 2 of the 9 ways to earn from Vagex. But, I have read in the forum that there are a lot of Vagex members that can’t get their credits even if they submitted their posts already. Why? What could be the reason why we either get an email that the links we submitted are not found or invalid? One big reason is not submitting the correct link.

Here’s how to get the correct URL of your Twitter post before submitting it to Vagex for verification:

1. Log in to your Twitter account and create your post. Click “Tweet”.

Figure 1

2. After clicking on “Tweet”, you will see your post and so as the time stamp (encircled in red).

Figure 2

3. You have to click on the time stamp and this is what you’ll get:

Figure 3

4. Click and copy on the URL of your Tweet (encircled Red in Figure 3) and submit that to the verification page of Vagex. Remember to selct and click on the correct “verify” option.

Figure 4

5. This is what you’ll get after clicking on “verify”:

Figure 5

Enter the Twitter link that you copied and enter it in the “LINK” box then select the LINK TYPE Twitter from the drop down menu. CLick submit.

6. After submitting, here’s what you should see:

And you just have to wait for that to be verified in about 2-3 days. It may also take more than 3 days if Vagex has a lot to verify. Remember, they do it manually which I believe is better so there’ll be no missed entries. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and submit your Twitter links now! You can do that once everyday.

I will also create an instruction on how to get the correct URL for Facebook and will keep everyone posted.


How To Increase YouTube Views

I know a lot of us whatever the reason is wants to increase You Tube views and subscribers. And just as to let you know, you can get views for free or by subscription.  That’s why there’s Vagex for everyone. Aside from the views and subs you’ll get from signing up in VAGEX, you also earn from viewing other member’s videos.

There are actually several ways to earn from Vagex and here are just some of the means:

1. View videos and get views on your own videos.

2. Refer your friends.

3. Post about Vagex via social networking sites like YouTube, Twitter, Google +1 and Facebook. You can also post a review about Vagex via Alexa.

If you’d like to know more about Vagex, visit their ssite and check out the FAQ section and so as their Privacy Policy to help you get started.

So, if you are interested in an easy way to earn clicks, likes, views and subs on you YouTube videos and so as earn at the same time…SIGN UP now!


I am planning to go back working…It”s still just a plan but it is more on the 70%-30% already haha! Our finances is somehow asking me to go back and be a working mom again. I”m sure gonna miss my kids especially my todd

ler whom I got used to be with every single minute of the day. My elder daughter will surely understand since she grew up knowing I have a job and needed to leave home for work but will be sad too that we”ll have less time together. I actually have given myself sometime. Sometime to recover from the pain after losing Mama, sometime to rely extra earnings from online tasks, sometime to pick up torn pieces of me. I was and I am still very positive that we can make it even if I stay at home but the time is “NOT YET NOW”. I still have debts to pay and whatever it is I have in my pocket isn”t enough yet to cover all the other expenses. I can”t even sign for a loan yet…I have to wait before I can apply for Pag Ibig”s multi purpose loan.

Now, even if I decide and go hunt for another fulfilling job and a well-loved-by-the-employees-company, I decided to keep my part time job as a support /data entry professional via ODesk. My boss is so nice that I liked and enjoy working with him. I still have applications sent out in ODesk and I am waiting. In case that I”ll be so lucky to find a full time job online, why not? I”d gladly just stay and work from home to still be with the kids and at the same time help out with our finances. Aside from continuing my Odesk job, I will also continue to blog. I”d like to seek more advertising opportunities using these blogs. I”ve been joining these contests in the Pasko sa Agosto caravan too and in one of the blogs, I saw Readbud. I signed up and would like you my readers to check it out too by clicking this banner below:

One of my blogger friends has earned some $$ by just reading the articles she likes and rated them. There”s no harm in trying, it”s an extra income opportunity especially for those who”s been killing time. At least with Readbud, you”ll read and learn and, earn! Just click on the banner if you would like to sign up.

Pinterest is Interesting

I was invited my Mommy May of Nshima Servings to join Pinterest. It is like an online collection of your bookmarks. You get to “pin” what interests you and have them categorized too. Aside from that, you can f

ollow other people”s boards and re-pin their pins. I got hooked in an instant! I have made several boards already and pinned a lot. Here”s a screenshot of just 8 of my boards, there are few more boards I didn”t get to capture. LoL!


What I find interesting the most is the home improvement category in which I get to see and dream of having our own home beautifully. Pinterest also has thousands of tips in organizing, home decor and DIYs. I really love spending time in this new social media platform.

Find it interesting? Go create an account. If you need an invite, just tell me. Have fun pinning!