Becoming An Influencer: An Inspiring Journey Of A Young & Talented Lady

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Back then, we have TV, sports, and radio personalities as influencers. People are influenced by what they promote thru their programs, ads and TV networks. But as time inevitably changed, technology growth has evidently changed people’s lives too. SMS or social media sites dominated the online world. Young and old alike are obviously enjoying the benefits of this amazing technology.

Internet marketing has been widely used by companies in many ways that could help boost presence and sales. And with the recent pandemic, when the world was forced to somehow slow down a bit, people found ways to survive and earn a living even when they are at home. In fact, young social media influencers liven up the digital marketing world.

There are so many young influencers out there. Some instantly rose to fame, some were able to slowly expand their reach. Some others earned decent amount with what they love doing even while studying. As these individuals continue to succeed, their lifestyle changes too. Today, let me feature a young, humble and talented influencer/entrepreneur, Cheska Rojas.

How She Started as An Influencer

It was Cheska’s mom who started a YouTube channel for her. At first, it was only to document and keep her videos while growing up and was only meant for relatives and friends. Her mom wanted for them as a family, to look back on memories once she grows up. In her channel, videos of 3yo Cheska acting & singing, audition videos, singing contests & pageants she joined were uploaded. She even won Little Miss Philippines 2012 1st runner-up and joined Tawag Ng Tanghalan Kids. She was also once in a blind audition for The Voice Kids. Since the young lady is truly adorable, pretty, witty, and talented, her following grew up.

Cheska Rojas TNT. James Reid

From then on, Cheska’s YouTube channel and Facebook page became her avenue in sharing her homeschooling vlogs, family adventure videos, fun videos of her theater acting experiences, her crafts, song covers, ukulele tutorials, and now, marketing the products she has as a young entrepreneur. There were instances in the past that she received invitations as guest performance in parties and gatherings.

Cheska As A Musician and Homeschooler

Life As A Homeschooled Student

Cheska has started homeschooling and having tutors when they moved here in Manila. And she has been a diligent and an excellent student too. When asked as to how she balances schooling, family timeĀ  and her passion, she answered;

I feel like homeschooling has given me the opportunity to explore and pursue my passions, while spending time with family. We spend our time as a family doing little things together like walking, doing house work, or going out to eat. My parents help me out in homeschooling(my dad helps me with PE while my mom constantly reminds me to do my chores.

I didn’t really realize how much I was doing while homeschooling until during the pandemic in lockdown, where I finally appreciated homeschooling a lot more genuinely. The lockdown really opened my eyes to how much more I could do while homeschooling.

Cheska as an Influencer and vlogger

Managing Her Social Media Platforms

Cheska is being assisted by her parents in handling and managing her platforms. She also makes it a point to respond to comments, inquiries and requests.

I don’t really consider myself an influencer yet, I just make sure that the content I put out on my YouTube Channel and blog are family-friendly, and educational. Maybe someday, when I have a bigger platform and audience, and maybe after this pandemic, I can hopefully collaborate with other amazing artists. For now, it’s just me. I just continue to do the same; spreading information that could be helpful– for the good of everyone!

For the little shop they opened, Cheska enjoys managing it herself, with her Mom’s guidance. The young entrepreneur sells educational books to students and bookworms like her.

Cheska Rojas Young Influencer, becoming an influencer
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Advice To Young People Like Her

Our young influencer, Cheska, humbly mentioned that she is still dreaming. And, she would like to advice young dreamers like her to enjoy the process, pray, and accompany it with perseverance. Most importantly, to be able to reach your life goals,I think we must never stop, she said.

It takes time to succeed in any field, and the same thing goes for social media personalities and endorsers. Influencers should continue to come up with content ideas, plan and execute it well for positive results. Some collaborate with people and companies they trust and patronize as well. Collaborating and building a solid relationship with co-influencers and followers will sure help in the success of an influencer.

As for Cheska, the pandemic has opened doors of opportunities for her as a determined young lady. It is but amazing and inspiring that at her young age, she has shared her talents and knowledge through her channel and at the same time, financially contributing to the family. Without being aware, her music has helped many individuals in different ways possible. She surely has a lot of potentials in doing really great in this path she’s going and growing through.

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