Amazing ACV Hair Treatment At Home

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My girls and I needed a hair treatment badly. We just couldn’t and wouldn’t dare go to a salon because of the quarantine protocols that we need to abide. Unlike me, both my girls have straight hair. I was born with naturally curly hair and grew up with a love-hate relationship with it.

Even if both girls have straight hair types, I noticed that their hair somehow changes as they grow up. This is evident most especially with Kea, because of hair styling and dyeing, perhaps. With Ro, she may have thin, long, dark brown hair, but it somehow easily gets tangled. It is always quite hard to comb her hair. I always advise her to use the gentle baby shampoo I bought for her (and for myself, I use it for CGM) and conditioner too. But as for her age who isn’t meticulous and conscious yet, she would always respond that she forgot to apply conditioner.

So, after so much convincing, they both agreed for us to try a DIY hair treatment using Apple Cider vinegar. They don’t really like the scent but I guaranteed them that the smell will disappear after rinsing. They both still sweetly ask me to comb their hair every after bath, so they can’t say no to my suggestion. Haha!

We decided to watch several YouTube videos first and gathered all the necessary tools we need. We have plenty of keratin-conditioner in stock and a big bottle of apple cider vinegar too, so “ingredients” needed are all good. All we need is to really start. No more slacking.

ACV Hair Treatment Procedure

For Kea, I mixed 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar to a sachet of the hair keratin + conditioner we have. I had her hair sectioned into three and with bare hands, applied the mixture unto her hair and scalp. I also slowly massaged her scalp to ease itchiness. This daughter of mine has a mild case of eczema, and whenever the weather changes, rashes in her feet, hands and sometimes in her scalp shows up. It irritates her as it brings her discomfort.

Before and after hair treatment

Anyways, after soaking her hair with the DIY mixture, we rinsed it with tap water. The videos we watched suggested to soak hair for at least half an hour, but because her hair has been dyed a few times already it has become brittle at the tips, we rinsed it after more than hour.

Before and After Hair Treatment

For Ro and me, I mixed a cup of the apple cider vinegar with almost 2 sachets of the conditioner. I made sure that we have more of the vinegar in the mixture. I am suffering from hair fall while Ro’s hair is just so brittle. And then we soaked our hair longer, especially mine. You know, I am desperate to get rid of itchy dandruff and hair fall.

ACV Hair Treatment
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Blow dried their hair after the rinse. We have no regrets with the hair treatment we did at home. Our hair has never been this soft, shiny and manageable. My girls really liked the results. Because of this amazing result, we might have to do this treatment again next month. Or maybe, we’ll use honey for our hair next time. We know that honey can also be used as hair mask.

Apple cider vinegar, on the other hand, is said to have anti-bacterial properties and rich in vitamins good for hair.  There are many uses of ACV aside from this hair treatment we just did. In fact, it has many health benefits, and we can maybe tackle those in another blog post.

Discovering self care things and procedures you can do at home is just so satisfying. We’re sure to try also haircare products that softens the water and reduce toxins. We may have been limited in discovering the outside world because of the pandemic, but let us not limit ourselves to keep learning. How about you, have you tried the ACV treatment or the rinse already? What are your thoughts and feedback about it?

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