Welcome Home KIRO, Our New Pet Dog

Happily Welcoming Home A Pet Dog

Both girls have been wanting a pet dog for a long time, and right on the same day we celebrated their daddy’s birthday, they met Peanut. The 2 months old puppy was brought by my cousin, Jean. She decided to make us adopt Kiro from her, since she lives alone and works full time. Because of her full time job, she had to leave the Peanut alone in her apartment while she is at work.

It was a little bit of a surprise when Jean messaged me that she is willing to give her pet to us. Our house may not be pet ready, but our hearts and our home is. So, we gladly welcomed our new pet and we replaced his name from Peanut, to Kiro. One reason is, we think Peanut sounds more of a female name and the other is we wanted something we can relate to anime and a more familiar sounding name. My daughters’ nicknames are Kea and Roey, thus, we all agreed with Kiro.

Temporarily, we had to use Amber’s old pet carrier, so Kiro would be able to sleep comfortably. It will serve as his “cage” too, as we would like to avoid him roaming around the house and bite or eat anything he isn’t suppose to. We also gave him an old Dora The Explorer stuffed toy and small pillow to play with. My girls were really excited welcoming Kiro to our home. They even prepared a welcome message using their new letter board we got on sale from an online marketplace.

Our Pet Dog, Kiro

Vaccines For Pet Dogs

We were advised by a vet that we have to wait until our pet dog is already 3 months old before he administer his anti-rabies vaccine. What Kiro needs first is the 5-in-1 vaccine and deworming. We have searched the internet and the DOH website for information about safety in having pet dogs. Safety measures are necessary for the dog and for us, pet owners.

Kiro, Our Pet Dog
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My elder daughter, Kea, ordered training pads, a chew toy, waste poop bags, a leash and a collar for Kiro. Hubby and I on the other hand, visited our go-to pet shop and bought dog food for our new puppy and pellets for our fishes.

Honestly, my girls have been eyeing pug and corgi breeds, but they can never say no to a pet dog. They are dog lovers and both adore cats too. We are all looking forward to many happy memories with Kiro, our new pet dog. We will definitely share pet care tips we learn along the way and photos of Kiro, here or in our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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