5+1 Easy Ways to Support Small Businesses Even Without Spending

5+1 Easy Ways to Support Small Businesses Even Without Spending

Did you know that you can support small business owners even without spending any amount? Yes, you have read that right. If you are like me who is actually in surrounded with a lot of small business owner friends on Instagram and Facebook, it is our chance to help out. Have you experienced a friend reaching out to you asking to avail of their services and products, or at least help them out? If yes, then read on!

If you are in need of what these businesses offer and are able to avail, that is indeed a great way to support. But, if you do not need their offer, or you don’t have enough cash yet to avail, how can you help? As a good friend, there is always something else that we could do for them – no sweat, not much effort and we don’t have to spend any amount at all.

You do feel that in your good heart, right? That feeling that you really would like to help a particular small business owner, it is in everyone’s heart. I believe that, because I also believe that there is good in every one of us. Even Jet Li once said:

“I believe the world is one big family, and we need to help each other.”

So, let’s see the easy ways we can do to be of help.

  • Liking or following their business accounts. Be it all or just one of their business pages from Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, their own website or any online shopping platforms they may have.
  • When you see an update or new post from their page, simply react by liking or leaving a heart reaction. That simple gesture would be appreciated by the business owner.
  • If you are interested with the item they posted or you just liked its color or scent, then by all means, comment! Do not hesitate to interact. Better yet, leave a good review on their page.
Share to friends
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  • Share their posts to your timeline or to a group that you are in and has the same interest (in what they offer). By sharing, you have help the owner market their business and, you might be able to help out someone looking for that particular item or service. How nice would that be? Super!
  • In relation to sharing their posts in your social media account, it would be nicer to share to your real life friends too. Let your family know about the business as well. If you have been a customer, let them know how satisfied you are and that you highly recommend the products or services to them.
Support Small Business
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Those are five easy ways to help already, what else could you do to help a small business owner then?

If you yourself is a business owner, a vlogger or blogger, if you are an online marketing specialist, you could actually do more! Why not offer the business owner a collaboration? A collab would be a great idea, as it is beneficial to you both, right? You’ll be in charge to promote their business by including them in your vlog, or by posting about them in a blog entry. If you are also a business owner, collaborate by offering a packaged promo of your products or services. An example of that would be: “Buy worth 1K of my products and get a free sample of my friend’s product!” Great offer it would be!

You see, in today’s technology, these social media platforms have opened a wide variety of ways to learn, earn, connect and help. Come to think of it, this pandemic may have brought fear, hardships and pain to us, but it also has opened a lot of opportunities. Many has businesses closed, but a number of businesses has just started and blossomed. People also learned to value time, things, money and relationships a lot more –  when we started different lockdown series and stories. It is then really true, there is always something good not just in people, but in our different situations too.

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