How To Find A Competent Dentist: A Checklist

How To Find a Competent Dentist

So, how do you find a competent dentist in the midst of this pandemic? Quite hard, right?

Are you one of the many who just had to somehow set aside or put on hold non-urgent dental care? Did you also have to wait until quarantine restrictions be lifted before you could visit your dentist? If yes, you are not alone.

This pandemic has definitely changed our lives, some drastically, some minor. Some businesses opened and thrive, some completely ended their businesses. And for the same pandemic reason, and because of the government’s campaign, dental clinics had to close. A dentist friend had already communicated with her clients regarding reschedules of their appointments. But even now that the quarantine eased, there are some who still fear or very cautious of returning to work or open their clinics.

Although they also know that there are different levels of urgency to dental care, since this pandemic started, many of them cannot really perform any treatment. Dentists that are considered to be high risk were pushed to shut down businesses and some even retired. Some offered over the phone or online kind of consultation and recommendations, but it is quite hard when it comes to cases where a patient is already in pain.

People especially in this new normal setting, would go for a dentist with high level of proficiency. A competent one. A dentist you can trust and feel safe with. Some of us would consider a dentist with her own clinic, just to avoid the public. But how do you determine someone’s competency? Or if you already found one, are you satisfied and happy to keep his or her services?

We all know for a fact that our dental professionals are really doing their part to help patients, and this time around, that part also has something to do with stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Maybe because of familiarity and convenience, you prefer going to a specific dental clinic on a regular basis. But it is still very important to consider a dentist’s previous work and experiences, practices and maybe even his or her lifestyle. Let us then go a little extra and discover a lot more about dentists, especially that we are still in this pandemic.

Characteristics of a good and competent dentist
  • clean, organized and detail oriented
  • honest and compassionate
  • has good dexterity
  • is open-minded and with great problem solving skills
  • great interpersonal skills
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Let us also check the things to consider in dental clinics.

Things to consider in Dental Clinics
  • Location and hours of operation – it is definitely a lot wiser to go for a clinic in the nearby vicinity, especially that we have to consider different quarantine protocols implemented by the local government units. Contact the clinic for appointment as well. Their hours of operation must be within your availability, of course.
  • Cleanliness – this by far is a priority when choosing a dental facility. The clinic has to be spotlessly clean. It says a lot about your dentist too.
  • Positive ratings and reviews – do they have their own website? A Facebook page, perhaps? Check out the reviews and testimonials of their patients. Consider this a significant factor in picking the best dental facility for you.
  • Patient-friendly clinic staff – as we have mentioned, a competent doctor is also one that has good interpersonal skills and compassionate. This characteristics should be found from the staff, too.
  • Fees and charges – because we are looking for a competent dentist, we also have to consider their charges. It would be great and of big help if we both get quality dental services at a price that would not hurt our pockets.

If after this you still can’t find a dentist yet, then there are other ways to find a good one. Ask relatives or friends for recommendations. You can also search the internet for competent dentists near your place. Visit their websites if there’s any, and look for testimonials. Know if they are in a hospital-based clinic or if they have their own dental clinic.

Remember that there is no perfect dentist, thus no one can find one. You have to know which aspects or characteristics weighs more when considering a dentist. With your own standards, there is definitely one that fits you.

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