Fangirling Over MNET I-LAND Trainees: Search for the New Global Idol Group

Fangirling Over MNET I-LAND Trainees: Search for the New Global Idol Group

My daughter Kea, mentioned a new show called I-Land. It is a reality show (for boys from different countries) that aims to find and create the next big KPop group for BeLift Lab. BeLift Lab (also known as BE:LIFT) is a South Korean label jointly established by Big Hit Entertainment and CJ ENM.

I-Land Training Ground

The young boys’ persona as future Kpop idols are being trained and developed, and the “I-Land” will be the ground for their growth. They have mentioned in their social media pages:

‘As the eyes of the world are upon I-LAND, let the game of survival begin’, where the most evolved idol group will rise.’
Since the reality show started, I decided to sit down and watch every episode with my girl, K (Kea). These trainees are not just visually good-looking boys, but definitely talented ones. They are not just dreamers, but also hustlers. They hustle and work on reaching and becoming who they dream of – be a global idol.
The place where they train and stay is the I-Land. It is a well-maintained and advance building located a little remotely. The place is just perfect for the boys’ safety (from the pandemic) too. It has all the stuff they need for every training and performances they needed to prepare for.
The boys were initially divided as the I-Land only accommodated 12 trainees. So, the other boys were provided with dorms to stay and another (smaller) building outside the I-Land where they can use for their practices and some of their individual performances too.
I-Land Trainees
It was amazing how the I-Land has introduced trainees and helped them develop and grow into becoming the next global idols. It wasn’t just their skills that were put into test, but their personalities too. Each of them has shown struggles and their winning moments of it. Personally, I have found K to have grown the most. His character development is vast! His skills, his aura and readiness level is unquestionably at it’s 100% already.

We also have favorites that aren’t in the I-Land, but our top picks happen to be always in the top list of trainees chosen by the judges and mentors too. I also posted and shared my personal favorites on my Instagram account.

Pin This! Fangirling Over MNET I-LAND’s Trainees

My Top 7 are K, Sunghoon, Jake, Jay, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Heeseung. These boys happen to be my daughter’s top picks too.  We also liked EJ, Daniel, Geonu and Kyungmin, as they have their own strong skills too.

I have always supported my daughter with her fangirling moments, and this isn’t the first time that we both enjoyed the experience. We have liked local and foreign singers, actors and actresses, and groups. I can still remember how happy and shy she was all at the same time when she finally got to meet Jameson Blake during the Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa WiFi movie premiere, which we were invited to see.

I saw the teenage me in her. All excited and giddy, but when fronted by the admired celebrity, becomes all timid and cold. Funny, but that is just how we are. That even makes the experience a lot memorable.

I-Land K

Since I really liked K amongst the I-Land candidates, I requested for Kea to draw him in chibi version. That’s the image above. I had it printed into stickers and thinking of asking her for another version. Haha!

The new global idol group will soon be named, and the Top 7 trainees will be picked. Six of the new group’s members will be selected by the global fans thru voting, and the seventh member will be picked by PD Bang Si Hyuk and the mentors. We can’t wait for the finale. BTS and TXT will be there during the announcement, tp welcome their new brothers.

Have you seen the I-Land too? Who amongst the trainees are your best seven? Let’s dream with these boys, and wish them success as we all welcome them to the music industry.

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