Vagex Credits: How To Get Twitter Post URL

I thought of making this guide in relation to my previous Vagex post. As I have mentioned in that post, there are several ways to earn credits for Vagex. Facebook and Twitter posts are just 2 of the 9 ways to earn from Vagex. But, I have read in the forum that there are a lot of Vagex members that can’t get their credits even if they submitted their posts already. Why? What could be the reason why we either get an email that the links we submitted are not found or invalid? One big reason is not submitting the correct link.

Here’s how to get the correct URL of your Twitter post before submitting it to Vagex for verification:

1. Log in to your Twitter account and create your post. Click “Tweet”.

Figure 1

2. After clicking on “Tweet”, you will see your post and so as the time stamp (encircled in red).

Figure 2

3. You have to click on the time stamp and this is what you’ll get:

Figure 3

4. Click and copy on the URL of your Tweet (encircled Red in Figure 3) and submit that to the verification page of Vagex. Remember to selct and click on the correct “verify” option.

Figure 4

5. This is what you’ll get after clicking on “verify”:

Figure 5

Enter the Twitter link that you copied and enter it in the “LINK” box then select the LINK TYPE Twitter from the drop down menu. CLick submit.

6. After submitting, here’s what you should see:

And you just have to wait for that to be verified in about 2-3 days. It may also take more than 3 days if Vagex has a lot to verify. Remember, they do it manually which I believe is better so there’ll be no missed entries. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and submit your Twitter links now! You can do that once everyday.

I will also create an instruction on how to get the correct URL for Facebook and will keep everyone posted.


18 thoughts on “Vagex Credits: How To Get Twitter Post URL

  1. I never heard of this Vagex before. In your presentation, it has much to do with ranking of video uploaded in YouTube. Isn’t it? I’m not used to video uploading. I got very limited video uploaded several years ago.

    1. Vagex is a view exchange site which will expose your video to thousands of members in order to increase the view count and at the same time earn. =)

    1. If you have YT videos to promote, this will be of help. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. you have such an informative post. I also didn’t know how to do that before. Good things there are lots of bloggers willing to teach us newbies.

  3. i dont have youtube acct actually so this vagex credits are new to me. but i will keep this in mind, thanks for the share!

  4. I know how to get the correct twitter url, but i don’t know why you have to submit it on vagex. what’s the purpose?

    1. You have to earn and use credits in Vagex so your YT video will be included in their video rotation list. Tweeting and posting in FB your referral link gives you a total of 2K credits per day if you submit it to them to verify. That way, you get to allocate the free credits you earn from your tweet and post to your video and that’s where you get the views, subs, likes an few more credits back. The credits can also be converted to cash once you reached an equivalent of $10. =)

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