Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3 & a Blessing!

The world has long been waiting for this 3rd fight. They say that this will put an end to the battle between who is really better, Manny or Juan Manual? The Filipino or the Mexican?

A lot must have been wondering what the outcome would be and so as really excited to see the fight. As of now, the main fight has not started yet. I am but one of those who are in the look for live streaming and lucky to have found one…one I wouldn’t share. reasons behind is not being selfish but of course it is more of ethics. If I share it, I will definitely violate something…something I am not really sure even, so better not to. =) I know everyone understands that. Besides, if someone enters the words live streaming or the fighters’ names in Google, you’ll definitely find a lot. Thank you. The fight will be shown a little late at GMA 7 so there’ll be no Party Pilipinas today. For sure, here in the Philippines, there’ll be no traffic problems nor reported crimes as soon as the fight start.  =) That’s but one of the many good things every Pacquiao fight does to the Philippines. We are so hopeful he wins this fight. I am truly excited.

The blessing I am referring to is that a new contract started today. I got hired for another Pinterest job and  I am but thankful. I can now say that I am definitely enjoying being a freelancer and being hands-on-mom at the same time. Aside from the fact I earn online, I get to be with my kids. I still have to perfect managing my time though but I am slowly getting there. I am but so thankful!

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