Celebrating the 2021 World Friendship Day

Celebrating the 2021 World Friendship Day

It’s the World Friendship Day! Even if we are still in the middle of what looks like a pandemic that only just started, we have all the reasons to celebrate the friendships we all have.

There are several types of friendships that exist in this world. Often, we all have childhood friendships that last a lifetime. There are also some that started during high school and others that made it through long-distance friendly relationships. The newest kind though, in this generation is what we all know and call-online friendships. I have a lot of friends I made when I started working and have been in front of the computer most of the time. Most of them are moms like me who also have the same interests as mine.


Communicate To Keep The Friendship Alive In This Pandemic

It is always a good feeling to know you are remembered even on the most ordinary day. Ask and listen. Paying attention, and respecting their views is in a way comforting, and it goes a long way. Respect begets respect.
It is best to express how you admire them genuinely. By doing so, it is like planting and watering positivity throughout their day.

Know, and encourage them with their new set of goals, hobbies, and interests. Join them if you are interested too. Learning new things with someone you care about is a great way to strengthen your relationship.

Since the pandemic started, a lot of us have started and found ways to earn a little extra. So, the best way possible for you to send a little help to your friend’s hobby, blog, career, or business is to promote and support them. Use whatever social media platform you have to do so. We can all do this even on ordinary days. We do not have to wait for the celebration of World Friendship Day to do this, right?

Dial Their Number

A phone call to talk about fond and happy memories you have shared and experienced in the past. Talk about the last movie you saw with each other. Recommend a TV show, podcast, YT channel, or book. Invite them to online clubs or groups you have joined and enjoyed.  say hello to their parents or relatives that they live with. Hearing each other’s voices are important ingredients to a genuine and life-long relationship recipe.

World Friendship Day

Plan a Meeting Online

Through this, you may be able to catch up with your friends and see how they are doing even through video meetings. There are also several activities you may do while in an online meetup. You may listen to music or watch movies together. There are also fun games you can prepare and enjoy. These online gatherings have been on trend since the pandemic started.  And now that we celebrate World Friendship Day yet again, online meetings with friends and colleagues are the safest but warm way to communicate and connect with our beloved friends.

We can all say that there are so many friendships that are “Not so perfect, but so beautiful.” — BTS Jin (“Epiphany”). Borrowing many inspiring words from the world-renowned group that we love, BTS. Another reason why we should keep our communications open with our friends during these times is that life has become a lot more unpredictable and as BTS (again) mentioned in one of their songs – “This moment won’t ever come again.” (Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life).

Speaking of BTS, this group has totally created a beautiful sense of connection to people all over the world. Even just their group name or individual names, when mentioned in any conversation, sparks hope, happiness, equality, love, and unity.  Their wit and beautiful souls are a true gift to all of us. So, if you haven’t listened to any of their songs yet, go check out any music app or their YouTube channel. You will know and understand what I mean and how it’s indeed important to love oneself… and why they encourage us to also celebrate World Friendship Day.


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