Keychain Clay Art: Amazing Hero Nurses

Keychain Clay Art: Amazing Hero Nurses

Do you personally know someone who has become a hero when this pandemic started? I think we all do – a family member, a friend, a colleague, and even perhaps, you are one of these heroes I am referring to. People from the medical field like nurses and doctors are now known as the new breed of heroes – Pandemic Heroes. Aside from them, there are several other professions from the food and service industry that we can also consider heroes.

Since the pandemic started, these heroes have stepped up, and boy, they did not just extend an extra mile with how they treat patients – it has become more than just a mile, but a hundred miles, could be. Some of these heroes passed, a lot has sacrificed time away from family, and there are still many who admirably kept doing their duty even after their own recovery from battling Covid-19. All for the love of serving and to duly commit to their sworn duty as medical professionals. Truly amazing, right?

January of 2020, I created a keychain (nurse figure) made of air-dry clay for my friend, Mel. Come February, she introduced me to a couple, her college friends. The couple is based overseas and were taking their vacation here in the Philippines. My friend shared that the couple saw the clay art keychain I made for her and liked it. So, she recommended my services to them, and I am but truly thankful.

The couple messaged me through the HeyitsKea Facebook page (owned by my daughter that I co-manage) and we came up with an agreement. Since Kea’s schooling back then is still ongoing, she rarely has the time to clay with me. I managed to finish all the little figures by myself. The process wasn’t easy because I had to meet the target deadline, but it was fun and at the same time, I learned more of the craft we are into.

Hero Nurses

I personally met my clients at a nearby mall to hand them over the clay keychains. They were so happy with the outcome and I am but glad they have nothing but good words about how every item turned out.

Hero Nurse
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At the height of the pandemic, I remembered the couple. My friend mentioned that they are both nurses in Canada. I hope they are both doing good and healthy. I am just proud that I was able to serve and do business with them, Filipino nurses. They are now part of the heroes roster. I am also praying and hoping that each of the nurses that they gifted the clay art keychains are doing good. We still need them, our Pandemic Heroes.

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