Gift Suggestions For 10 Different People In Your Life

Gift Suggestions For 10 Different People In Your Life

There are hundreds of gift suggestions and ideas out there for your friends and loved ones, a fact that makes us a little more confused in deciding. Who doesn’t like receiving gifts, anyways?

I have always been on the practical side in making gift decisions. But even if you are being practical, you just can’t give a bath towel to each on your list. There is always something off in that, right?

A friend’s personality, a relative’s hobby, and a nephew or niece’s wish list are things that we have to always consider. It is as well important to set a certain budget for each, especially during these times when everyone is on a tight budget because of the pandemic.

So, let me share with you gift suggestions for 10 people in your life, and these might be something that could help you decide before you dare visit the mall or shop online.

For The Artist


Anything that is used to scribble, color, or draw will give a smile to an artist’s face. A sketch pad, a set of watercolor pencils, or paintbrushes are just a few gift ideas. But, a fountain pen is one unique and affordable gift, especially to that friend who just started learning modern or faux calligraphy.

For The KPop Fan

A plushie toy or an acrylic keychain of their bias would be nice, but an ultimate gift suggestion is a lightstick.  A lightstick is a very special KPop merchandise every fan desires to have. It may be a little difficult to get, but expect to receive lots of finger hearts and hear that “Annyeonghaseyo” repeatedly with this gift. This one is a winner!

For the Chef

These types of people are most of the time busy in the middle of the kitchen. Always busy preparing and providing food for everyone. A chef or a foodie deserves a personalized wood cutting board. It isn’t just for cutting, but can also be used as a cheeseboard. It will be a delight to use a wooden board with your initials or name on it, right? 

For The Medical Frontliner

Since the first quarter of 2020, our nurses and doctors have had the toughest times. Our beloved front liners deserve a little relaxation, at least. A neck massager that feels like real hands and sends a tiny current into an aching muscle is right about perfect. This gift idea is suitable for every working individual, but let us gift it to our medical professionals. They face a different battle on a daily basis.

 For The Health Buff

If your friend has always been the sporty one or fitness conscious, there may be several good gift suggestions. For the most casual exercises, a resistance band set would be useful. An exercise mat and a water bottle would be nice too. But if you have a little more budget for this friend, go for an oil diffuser or a hydration-tracking smartwatch instead.

For The Kids

Since outdoor activities have somehow been limited, kids spend most of their time inside the comfort of their homes. While there are online games they could play, books to read and indoor toys like Rubik’s cube, game boards, puzzles, wooden blocks and other educational trinkets that would tickle and train their brains would really be fun and useful.

There are benefits to online games such as Solitaire, Sudoku, Letter Scramble, and traditional Crossword in that they develop patience, help them formulate strategies, and make them think logically among other disciplines. Playing these games in real life, gives the same benefits too, as such, playing cards, sudoku books, and crossword puzzle compilations are also on our list of gift suggestions.

For The Gamer

There is always one gamer in a family, if not all of them. If you disagree, then maybe you or that gamer hasn’t discovered that persona in him yet. Kidding aside, it is not really hard to think of a gift to give to a gamer friend or relative. There are numerous gaming things one might need or want. If you have a limited budget, a cordless gaming headphone, a personalized gaming mouse pad, or a headset stand would be good choices. But if you have enough budget for someone you love, then go for a  comfortable gaming chair!

For The Plant Parent


Since the lockdown started, a lot of us discovered new hobbies. If you have an aunt or cousin that has ventured into being a plant parent, get them a plant ladder or stand. You can even have it painted with their favorite color or personalized with their name on it. Colorful pots would be a great gift idea too.

For Daddy

A lightweight UV Self Sanitizing Water Bottle is a perfect choice for that person who is mostly traveling around – from home to office, that is. Ensure that Daddy’s water is always safe to drink. So, ditch harmful plastic bottles and gift the special man something he can use and clean with just a click of a button. Talk about something cool, that’s for Dad.

Gift Suggestions For Mommy

If you haven’t heard, someone said “A girl can never have enough jewelry”. Excite your Mom with a new necklace or any piece of jewelry. It may be one of the most common gifts to receive but this kind of gift is timeless and will always bring joy to the receiver. Remember, it is a fact that jewelry is something that one does not generally buy for one’s self.

In gift-giving, we got to be a little extra considerate and empathic. Personally, I always think of how I’d feel if I were the one receiving the gift whenever I go gift shopping. If I feel happy, the receiver will be happy too. In conclusion, considering the receiver’s personality or hobbies is an effective way to save you time in gift shopping. So, make a list of people you’d be giving gifts to, and take note of their likes and personalities. From the list, it will be sure easy for you to find the perfect gift for each. What would be your gift suggestions? Let us know in the comments!


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