Growing Succulent Plants: A New Hobby I Found

Growing Succulent Plants

Succulent plants called my attention one time I was outside for an errand. A plant vendor near the church has lined up beautiful ones and sold them at an affordable price. I have friends that are into collecting succulent plants and I was informed that these plants doesn’t really need much watering. I know for a fact that unlike my Mom, I was not gifted with what they call a “green thumb”. Having that same thought, I told myself that Succulents may be the best for me then.

My Succulent Plants
Sedum Jelly Bean

To maintain its color, Jelly bean plants needs a sunny spot. But, it can be placed with other succulents as an indoor plant too.

Crassula Ovata (Jade)

The other different names by which Crassula Ovata is called are Chinese Jade, Jade Tree, Old Money Plant, Dollar Plant, Dollar Tree. A Jade plant needs direct sunlight for it to grow well, and a sunny position if placed on a window sill.

Pachyphytum Moon Silver
Phedimus spurius ‘Tricolor’

The plant seller informed me that this particularly crawls. It can survive direct sunlight and even if placed in a bright but partly shaded area.

Echeveria Prolifica
Campfire Crassula

I got the Campfire Crassula while it is in its bright red color state. It is almost summer here, and this particular succulent changes its color depending on the weather. It might change to green after the summer season.

Echeveria Imbricata

These pretty plants would be a nice thank you gift too. Teacher’s Day is up soon, gifting your teacher a Sedum Jelly Bean in a pretty white pot would be perfect. Your teacher, tutor or college professor will sure appreciate your present. They say that succulents are known to represent selfless love. And who else aside from your parents has that “selfless” kind of love for you? Your teachers!

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