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    MMFF 2011

    I honestly can no longer remember the last movie I have seen. I can recall though that my elder daughter”s first movie was Narnia, way back when she was just almost 4yo if I am not mistaken. Glad that she liked the movie. After 5 years, she”s now more interested with movies. She has requested few times to watch a movie with me. There were blockbuster movies we have failed to watch. I remember to have told her that sometime before she came, I worked at SM North EDSA cinema as an usherette. My contract even started Christmas day itself though my first day of duty was the 26th. I…

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    CDO and Iligan Tragedy: How Can We Help?

    Many of us may have read and seen how tragic the aftermath of typhoon Sendong is for CDO and Iligan residents. Every video footage and every photo there is is truly heart breaking especially that it is almost Christmas in a matter of days. Many children will no longer be able to open nor receive their presents. All we can do now is pray for their souls and so as help the survivors in the simplest way we can. I am gonna start sorting kids’ clothes and bring it to LBC who has generously offered to deliver goods and donations to the affected provinces for free. If you are not…

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    Practicality In Used Cars

    Not everyone can afford high-end brand new cars. Not everyone can even buy a car. Some will opt to go for motorcycles instead while others go hunt and browse over used car book prices. It is not bad to buy used cars especially when you are being practical. There are pros and cons in everything, so as in buying used cars. We own a motorcycle which came as a surprise to me. I was sort of expecting it already when hubby bought the motorcycle but was hopeful that he will go for a used car since we are already a family. Aside from the fact that there were great deals…

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    ASTIG PINOY: Showtime’s 4th Grand Finals Champion

    Credits to YT uploader PrinceYatz21 As we were waiting for all the finalists to finish their performances, we already have Astig Pinoy as our champion this season. WE, as I was with my daughters that time we watched Showtime. Astig Pinoy was totally awesome! Their grand finals performance was a combination of our unique culture and unique hip movements. As Joey Marquez mentioned, it was a right choice of music and good interpretation of it. It was quite predictable who will champ this season right after Astig Pinoy performed. Their talents are really inspiring, admiring and totally ASTIG! Awesome performance! Vice Ganda said it right, the blind folded Tinikling act/dance…

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    John Lennon

    (9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980) Became a member of The Quarrymen which then evolved into The Beatles in 1960. Lennon showed wit not just in music but also in film, in his drawings, writings and interviews. Married Yoko Ono in 1969, they had a son names Sean. Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon back December 8, 1980 in front of the latter’s apartment in The Dakota. There wasn’t a funeral for John Lennon, he was cremated. Yoko Ono scattered his ashes in NY’s Central Park. The Strawberry Fields memorial was later created in that same place.As of 2011, it has been noted that Chapman has been denied parole…

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    Holiday e-Greeting Card

    I saw my friend”s daughter posted something interesting in Facebook and so I went ahead and checked the application and its website- WiddlyTinks.com. I immediately tried how to make my own Holiday greeting card. I got lost a little with how casino online to resize the photo but glad to have figured it out. I was already thinking on what and how to ask a 7 year old girl how she did it. haha! Here”s my younger daughter greeting you all an early Merry Christmas!

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    Dessert: Crema De Fruta

    The ice cream tubs inside the chest freezer of a grocery store near us was so tempting. I found a new flavor to try, but decided not to go get for “my” picky eaters might not appreciate it. I then thought of an idea to just make Crema De Fruta whih cost the same as getting the 1.5L tub I was eyeing at the store. Crema De Fruta is normally serve during the holiday season and there are different versions of it too. Don’t be surprise to see such dessert on each Christmas dinner table. I guess it does add color and sweetness to the holidays. This one I have…

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    In The Kitchen: Nilaga

    I’ve been having a hard time deciding on what to serve for lunch and dinner lately. If you are surrounded with picky eaters, I guess this really happens. It’s just so hard to prepare for a meal that will best suite 2 adults, a 4th grader and a toddler. It’s definitely a challenge to come up with something everyone would like, appreciate, and benefit from it too. And as I was much more concerned about the kids, I decided to serve what we call “Nilagang Baboy” or Pork Stew. It’s healthy, and the vegetable ingredients are something that I already have in the fridge, if not, can easily be bought…