Learning A Lot From That Shout Out

K: (Happy in her fan state of mind) “Ni-like ni Jameson yung banner na gawa ko.”
Me: “Talaga? Maganda iyong may drawing mo as background.”

At almost 16, I’m sure nasabi nya sa sarili nya na parang tama naman pala itong pinili kong track. Na-inspire akong pagbutihin.

Next day…
I had to hug her tight and wipe her tears. I gave her back all the assurance, confidence and love na somehow, were taken away from her in an instant. A number of you started blaming her, calling her selfish, cancer, peenoise and asking her to change her mindset.

Ha? Teka lang po sa inyong lahat.

1. If it was me (freelancer state of mind), I would have asked for movie tickets aside from the shout out. But then, it wasn’t me.

* A little bit of info:
I freelance too, though not in the art & design field. But I have colleagues and relatives that are artists and designers. My daughter knows the importance of getting paid for the services you give. Trust me, she witnessed how hard it is to get a job online, especially nowadays. Hindi lang sa specific na industry ito nangyayari.

2. If K asked for a payment na baka para sa iba ay sobra naman for the basic banner made using Canva app, maba-bash pa rin sya, right? Baka sabihan pa rin sya na “kahihiyan sa industriya”, “mayabang na wala pang napapatunayan”, or “kapal ng mukha na maningil, Canva lang ginamit.”

3. If I did tell my daughter of no.1, knowing her, she would give me an “AHA! moment look” that means, “Oo nga ‘no? Pero, kakatapos lang kasi ng birthday nya. Gift ko na ‘yun. Masaya na nga ako nung ni-like nya, lalo nung napili nya yung isa. Kung gamitin nya yung banner, parang birthday gift na din ‘yun sa akin. Bonus na lang yung shout out, nothing bad with it.”

4. There is a Twitter feature called “Direct Message”, you all know that. Kung ano-ano nang nasabi ng marami, why? Do you actually know what happened behind the public tweets? Do you know what transpired through direct messaging?

Having given you all these points, I don’t get the point of these people na magagaling calling my daughter a cancer in the art industry. She only responded to a tweet with kindness. And to that person na tila kinuwestyon kung bakit proud pa yung Mom ng artist, I really wish you become a parent yourself, then you will understand.

As for Jameson Blake, correcting him properly is enough. He apologized already. Stop the hate. Stop the ugly memes. Those who used their time, talent and effort making these memes to make fun of Jameson Blake – his mistake has earned you likes and followers. Happy now?

We all had moments of “That is not what I meant” and “I did not mean to offend you”. If there is someone out there who did not or have not experienced these moments, it is about time to log off and take time to self-evaluate. How is your relationship with everyone around you going? Maybe it is time to really connect and communicate, openly and calmly. Then through that way of expression and evaluation, I am sure there will be so much realization. I hope each of it is beautiful. Let me borrow that ripple-effect mentioned at the heat of the argument, it does come in… if you fill your heart with positiveness, the same people around you smile and get that vibe you bring. I tell you, it will surely grow and go back at you. We all just got to learn to listen, and understand… if needed, then respond, with kindness.

Three Day Prompt in a Post For July FMS Photo A Day

I decided to make a single post for the three day prompts as I do not want to flood your inbox, my subscribers. I also want to keep this short but as interesting as it can be.

For July 2, the prompt is Furry. And the hashtag to use for this is #FMS_furry, in case you are doing it via Instagram. This particular photo of Roey holding new furry friends was taken at the Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. She was terrified as the Wheel of Life reached its peak, especially when it stopped to load and unload people. She eventually got used to that fear until she conquered it.

July 3, Hot #FMS_hot

It was our first time to visit this church at Mexico, Pampanga. It still has its “old look” that made it really look perfect for a lot of shot. Used my daughter’s phone, Oppo A71 in this particular shot. It was truly hot at that time we were there, summer eh?!

July 4, Heart #FMS_heart

Sometime ago, just before Mother’s Day here in the Philippines, I sent this photo of me and my daughter K to a “campaign” of a well-known milk brand. We got included in the long list of Mother and kids’ photo line up. What surprised our hearts is that all the entries that got in were displayed in a few digital billboards located in different malls. Made K, me and our family happy.


Our mission is to secure families and assure that their dreams turn into reality through proper financial planning and adequate protection.

We provide sound financial advice and offer the proper insurance and investment plans that are aligned to the consumers’ needs, which include Income Protection, Retirement Planning, Estate Preservation, and more.

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– At least 4-year course graduate
– Has pleasing personality and trustworthy
– Residing or Working in Metro Manila or nearby areas (has no issues going to Makati office at least once a week)
– Sales/Marketing Experience and knowledge in Investments an added value but NOT REQUIRED.
– Part-time and Full-time positions available

Unlimited income potential.
Travel the world for free.
Control your own working hours.
Abundant opportunities for career advancement.
Provide relevant financial services to your friends and family.

Join us and realize your full learning potential.

Life Hacks from Pinterest

It’s summer and the weird weather made my girls thirst more not just for snacks that can keep their cool but for fun indoor activities as well. Due to our very tight budget (yes, you have read it right), we are mostly just at home and our outdoor activities normally happens during Sundays to attend the mass and mid-week for the market. That is already fun, we make sure there is learning and so as fun. It is honestly a challenge but I am a bit surprise of myself too that I have become good with budget meals and still serve kids with healthy snacks. We also have been making ice pops (ice candy), Buko Pandan or Lychee flavored gelatin and Mais con Hielo. Plus, we have been receiving servings of HaloHalo (from in laws) too.

As a SMM assistant, I have been consistently updating a client’s Pinterest account and learned a lot from it already. Home ideas, DIYs and life hacks as well. I have been pinning most of the ideas I get from everywhere in Pinterest and so as trying some, when I need to.

My elder daughter started sneezing and coughing hard Friday night during sleep and then suffered from colds, headache and low fever the next day. This may have been because we frequently grab something cold to drink and munch on. So, right before sleeping, I tried this on her:

Pinterest | 1000lifehacks.com
Pinterest | 1000lifehacks.com

I gave her a little massage as I rub ample amount of Vick’s Vapo-Rub on her neck, back and chest . Her little sister also insisted on having some in her feet and to put on her socks afterwards. I’ll have to make sure too to serve them with either Kalamansi juice or PJ. I have read from a Pinterest photo link that: “Pineapple Juice is 5 times more effective than cough syrup. It also prevents colds and flu.”  We love Pineapple juice and so as munching the sweet fruit itself.

I am thankful to have learned a lot from Pinterest but I never liked to use any  life hacks such as this one (cure tips) especially for my kids. Health is wealth as we say and parents would not want kids to suffer even from cough and colds. With this being said, I also have doubled their Vitamin C intake. This has worked for my kids every time.

Sharon At Home

I do not really buy Sharon At home magazine but when I saw this particular issue that says “The farewell issue” – I grabbed a copy and paid it on impulse. As it shows in the cover, Sharon Cuneta is with her 2 lovely daughters and a charming little guy – her adopted son Miguel. Sharon referred Miguel to be the child who came from her heart. It is the first time couples Sharon and Kiko Pangilinan allowed Miguel to be photographed for publication. Sharon said that Miguel, who is now 2 years of age, is not just smart but also really sweet. He even started to look like them, as many people say. Something I must agree. There were even rumors that Miguel happens to be Kiko’s real son from another woman which Sharon denied in a talk show.

I can not say that I am an avid fan of Sharon Cuneta but I find her personality so appealing and admiring. She’s witty, charming and her laughter and happy disposition in life is so contagious. Even if I only own one issue of this magazine, I know this farewell issue is truly special to the staff and so as to Sharon herself. It even featured a Christmas prayer:


Jesus, the light of the world, as we celebrate your birth…may we begin to see the world in the light of understanding you give us. As you chose the lowly, the outcasts, and the poor to receive greatest news the world had ever known, so may we worship you in meekness of heart. May we also remember our brothers and sisters less fortunate than ourselves in this season of giving. Amen.

Aside from the stories of her previous reality show, talk show, being a celebrity endorser, celebrations, easy recipe ideas, chronicles and photos, the issue concentrated more on how Sharon manages to balance work, family and play. It also featured and pointed out great things about the reality that there is not anything bad about adoption nor being adopted. In this magazine she named famous and great people who were also adopted like her son Miguel. I truly admire how she can be wonderful in front of the camera as an actress and host and be as wonderful as a Mom to her kids. It is like being best in both her worlds. There were lots of photos where photographer Jun de Leon captured the Sharon Cuneta as the person we see on TV and the other Sharon as an ordinary person she is off cam.

Sharon Cuneta is just like every good Mom there is – her family, especially the kids, serves as the key inspiration for anything and everything she does. And as she puts it in her words – “You may have complaints every now and then, but the good things always outweigh the bad. God’s been so amazing!”. We may see Sharon Cuneta to have been so blessed and others may even envy her but she still has a lot of things she wish to have and experience..even have a bucket list for all we know!

Ruby Tuesday 2

MMFF 2011

I honestly can no longer remember the last movie I have seen. I can recall though that my elder daughter”s first movie was Narnia, way back when she was just almost 4yo if I am not mistaken. Glad that she liked the movie. After 5 years, she”s

now more interested with movies. She has requested few times to watch a movie with me. There were blockbuster movies we have failed to watch. I remember to have told her that sometime before she came, I worked at SM North EDSA cinema as an usherette. My contract even started Christmas day itself though my first day of duty was the 26th. I recall that I was in total amazement on how people lined up outside the cinema at the ticket booths to be able to see the MMFF movies in its opening day. It was a great experience to have rendered duty (when you are a newbie) at the peek of MMFF where there were several box office hits. I saw parents and kids ran inside the cinema just to get the best seat there is for them. Muro Ami was a blockbuster at that time.

I could also remember that MMFF normally select movies to be included in the festival through a thorough review and MMFF people picks one movie in each category (action, horror, drama, comedy & fantasy/adventure). Shake, rattle & Roll movies were a sure blockbuster back when I was still a kid. Changes became inevitable as the movie industry progress. MMFF 2011 features 2 horror movies, 3 comedy and 2 fantasy movies. Another observation is that, Eugene Domingo is in a supporting role to entries and lead role in one of the 3 episodes of Shake, Rattle & Roll. I guess, awesome Eugene Domingo herself is already a blockbuster. So, what movies are in store for us this MMFF?

Here”s the list:

1.  Enteng Ng Ina Mo      – Fantasy, Comedy     – Vic Sotto & Ai Ai Delas Alas

2.  My House Husband  –  Romantic Comedy  –  Judy Ann Santos & Ryan Agoncillo

3.  Segunda Mano            –  Horror                         –  Kris Aquino, DingDong Dantes & Angelica Panganiban

4. Shake, Rattle & Roll   –  Horror                         –  Maricar Reyes, Kathryn Bernardo, Albie Casino, Paulo Avelino and Eugene Domingo

5. Panday 2                        –  Action, Fantasy       –  Ramon Bong Revilla Jr., Phillip Salvador, Iza Calzado & Marian Rivera

6. Yesterday, Today

& Tomorrow                      – Drama                           –  Maricel Soriano, Gabby Concepcion, Heart Evangelista, Carla Abellana & Dennis Trillo

7. Manila Kingpin: The

Asiong Salonga Story    –  Action                        –  George ER Estregan, Philip Salvador, Baron Geisler, Sam Pinto & Dennis Padilla

8. Hototay                          – Comedy                      –  John Lapus, Ruffa Gutierrez, Andi Eigenmann, Lovi Poe and Melai Cantiveros

MMFF is the grandest movie festival here in the Philippines and almost every Filipino is in excitement waiting for the official list of movie entries to be announced. This year”s list is extravagant I must say. Having big names like Vic Sotto and AiAi, Judy Ann Santos, Kris Aquino, Bong Revilla, Marian Rivera, Maricel Soriano and Gabby Concepcion; one of the best MM movie festival for me. I have already asked my elder daughter which movie she would like to see in case I decide for us to have a movie date and she gladly responded with her top 3 movies. I am no longer sur[rised that she didn”t mention SRR 13, she”s a coward with horror movies.

the trailer of the first movie my elder daughter K wants to see… Enteng Ng Ina Mo. I still don”t know if we will be able to pursue with our movie date and as to when. So, which movie do you think will hit as the top grosser or blockbuster ? Which movie will win most of the awards? Who will win as Best Actress and Best Actor? Let us all find out on the 28th.


Photo from Google

Yummy Treat

I had a great week. Definitely one of the bests I ever had. I got hired as a researcher with a help of a friend. This means that I get to work from home, be with the kids and still earn. Soon, if this career as a freelancer booms, I”ll be debt free.

=) Another good news is that my elder daughter landed at Rank 4 for their 1st quarter even though she”s had some not-so-good exam results in Math & HEKASI. Still, she managed to make me smile and reminded me to help her keep the focus. Sunday was fun-filled, totally! Tiring maybe but definitely a date to remember. My friend/neighbor Vangie & Sam will soon be leaving for the US and we had a farewell get together for them. I was 30 minutes late (LoL!) but still was able to catch up the fun and yummy treat at Red Box, Trinoma.

At Red Box Trinoma
At Starbucks

And since I don”t have a camera anymore, I had to grab these photos from my other “royale kumares”.

photo credits to Mareng Rach

I”m joining Yummy Sunday this time. Have I mentioned before that I so love nachos? We had nachos at Red Box but, t”was not what made me decide joining Yummy Sunday today but this oh-so-yummy-chocolate-cake!

Photo credits to Doc Tin

As soon as it landed my (almost) drooling mouth, the soft velvety cake itself melted in it. I”ll borrow the famous tag line, but just part of it – “it melts in your mouth…it”s something I didn”t expect!” haha! The cake tasted like heaven. I would have finish a big slice (or did I?) if I wasn”t sharing the plate with Mommies Jo-Ann & Mitch..ha ha! The taste makes me want something like this on my birthday…but Vanj will be in the US by then. Sob!

I will truly miss you mareng Vanj. So as Sam. Our friendship is something. It was like any relationship, tested by time and chances. I am happy that we conquered the test and remained friends. You”ll be physically and geographically miles away but the memories will always be here in our hearts. Ate Keanna”s saddened too but positively said she”ll talk or chat with Sam instead. I wish you all the luck as you open your doors to a new beginning. You may be bound for few more challenges but I”m sure you”ll succeed it. Keep the faith in Him Mare and you”ll definitely go a long way. Take care and remember that we are always here, just a PM or buzz away.

Take care and have a safe trip!

We love you & Sam.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the cake was made by Vanj. Get ready for a yummy treat IL. haha!

Pacquiao vs. Marquez III

The 3rd face off has to happen thus will end the futile debate as to who really is better… Pacquiao or Marquez?

“Fear me!” – said by the WBO/WBA lightweight champion Juan Miguel Marquez. The Mexican is truly aware that he”s strong. Pacquiao eve

n admitted that Marquez is his hardest opponent. With that in mind, Manny is set and ready for a 10 weeks training instead of the regular 8 weeks training he did with his other fights. So he really has to put an effort huh?!

Marquez on the other hand, after their 2 controversial fights, became a lot more serious and determined to prove that he is rather, he should win and end this match. He”s gonna train hard too in preparation to their November 13 fight in Las Vegas, Nevada. There was a boxing analyst though that mentioned this is yet another mismatch and another one said that Manny will not beat El Dinamita but wreck him.

Photo credits to boxingscene.com

The so called “El Dinamita” (Manuel Marquez) was here in the Philippines ( went to US today)and last Saturday was memorable for the two fighters. It was their Philippine face off, to start their Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3 promo tour. A report confirmed about 200,000 people attended the said event. After the event, that”s where Manny Many Prizes was held. Manny, who hosts the said TV show signed and awarded a huge 1M check to a lucky contestant winner. The very busy & generous Manny Pacquiao manages to balance sports, hosting, singing, and writing. He now writes a regular sports column for Abante and Philboxing.com. It is one way to reach out to his fans and share his experiences and tips as a boxer.

November is just few weeks away and like many of us, I am hopeful that Manny will put an end to this match with a win. By then, we can maybe say that the fight is truly worth the wait. I am equally hopeful to win a blackberry phone too from a Facebook contest so I can be updated with each punch these 2 great boxers throw each other. LoL!

Pasko sa Agosto: Hairbows Giveaway Winner

Please pardon the quality of the video.

Pasko sa Agosto Giveaway winner

I”d like to thank everyone who joined the fun! This was my very first giv

eaway and it inspired me to hostanother one before September ends. I guess a birthday giveaway would be fun, what do you think?

Again, congratulations to all winners of the caravan entries and to my own giveaway”s winner – CZAROMA! I”m sure your daughter will love these hairbows. Please email or PM me your mailing address so I can have it shipped.

Have fun everyone. Hello September!

Christmas countdown starts today. =)

Setting Aside Real Estate Reservations

You may be one of those who have reservations in purchasing your own home, especially if it’s the first one. A friend of mine had the same feeling but it”s good he was able to set aside his hesitations and reservations when he saw

.remax-midstates.com/KS/Kansas_City”>Kansas City homes for sale and Missouri homes for sale. It was a good decision I must say. Take a look below and see why most people consider buying homes.

1. Pride of Ownership

This is the number one reason why people would desire to own a home. You don’t have a landlord reminding you can’t put anything on the wall, keep a pet, or the more basic one, your home rent. When we have children, we also think our security as well as their own. Sometimes, we even Rajahdysmaiseen suosioon on useita syita ja siksi Spin Palace onkin sivustomme ykkosvalinta netin kasinopeleihin . want them to inherit the home or other properties one day. With you owning one, you’re at peace knowing their future is secured.

2. Privacy

How many were annoyed when hearing your neighbour’s snoring while you desperately catch that elusive sleep? My friend remembers hearing whispers back in his old apartment coming from the room below his. These reminded him of whispers in the movie “Lord of the Rings”? And he can’t just make them stop. With your own home from Missouri real estate for example, you will have your peace of mind. You can turn on the volume of your radio, or play the piano the whole day and no one will stop you.

3. Investment

Although real estate market goes in a cycle, up and down over the years it has considerably appreciated. The Kansas City real estate is not an exception. Because of this, most people consider their first home NOT their dream home. They will first look for a promising location, make improvements, and when real estate market booms in that area, they sell and look for another house until they finally found their dream ‘castle’.


I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog in behalf of a Missouri real estate company and was compensated. The views, opinions and thoughts are of the writer.