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It’s summer and the weird weather made my girls thirst more not just for snacks that can keep their cool but for fun indoor activities as well. Due to our very tight budget (yes, you have read it right), we are mostly just at home and our outdoor activities normally happens during Sundays to attend the mass and mid-week for the market. That is already fun, we make sure there is learning and so as fun. It is honestly a challenge but I am a bit surprise of myself too that I have become good with budget meals and still serve kids with healthy snacks. We also have been making ice pops (ice candy), Buko Pandan or Lychee flavored gelatin and Mais con Hielo. Plus, we have been receiving servings of HaloHalo (from in laws) too.

As a SMM assistant, I have been consistently updating a client’s Pinterest account and learned a lot from it already. Home ideas, DIYs and life hacks as well. I have been pinning most of the ideas I get from everywhere in Pinterest and so as trying some, when I need to.

My elder daughter started sneezing and coughing hard Friday night during sleep and then suffered from colds, headache and low fever the next day. This may have been because we frequently grab something cold to drink and munch on. So, right before sleeping, I tried this on her:

Pinterest |
Pinterest |

I gave her a little massage as I rub ample amount of Vick’s Vapo-Rub on her neck, back and chest . Her little sister also insisted on having some in her feet and to put on her socks afterwards. I’ll have to make sure too to serve them with either Kalamansi juice or PJ. I have read from a Pinterest photo link that: “Pineapple Juice is 5 times more effective than cough syrup. It also prevents colds and flu.”  We love Pineapple juice and so as munching the sweet fruit itself.

I am thankful to have learned a lot from Pinterest but I never liked to use any  life hacks such as this one (cure tips) especially for my kids. Health is wealth as we say and parents would not want kids to suffer even from cough and colds. With this being said, I also have doubled their Vitamin C intake. This has worked for my kids every time.

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