3 Ways to Become a Wellness Hero Today

3 Ways to Become a Wellness Hero Today

Our overall wellness is highly important and should be a priority.  In the challenges of today’s world, our own wellness is too much to handle already, but how do you help other people around you? They say you cannot pour from an empty cup – we could all agree to this. Then, how do you become a wellness hero of your own and the people you care most about?

Wellness for Yourself

To be able to achieve becoming a wellness hero for others, you have to be your own hero first. Though we may be facing different challenges in life daily, being fully aware of your goals and priorities is really important. This is to keep yourself from being off track from your responsibilities, commitments, relationships, and the like.  They say that our habits sum up what we have in life – then, it is best to take responsibility and full control of it.

One way to develop a wellness hero for yourself is to have a good daily routine, eat and sleep well, and practice a balanced work-play habit. Ensure to take time to give yourself rest. You may also make it a point to have at least 15 to 30 minutes a day of a breather – silent and alone time for yourself. This can also be used as the time for prayers. You may want to also start journaling to write down your thoughts, plans, and things you are grateful about.

Wellness journal

Wellness Hero for Others

A responsible adult or individual cares about the people around them too – family, friends, and colleagues. One way to become their hero is to be “present” and extend a helping hand or at least a shoulder to cry on. You may also lend your ears and just listen – being there to listen is such a big help already.

If you may know someone who is struggling, let them know and ask how you can be of help. You may want to let them know how you handle your well-being goals and invite them to join you. There are activities held by different groups you and your friends can join – yoga sessions, Zumba, marathons, arts and crafts workshops, and many others.  Being able to extend help to other people around you is one great way in achieving your own wellness goals.

Wellness Hero for the Community

Being able to help the community is also an advocacy you can have. By determining the need, you can think and come up with ideas on how to can share your knowledge and skills on how to develop overall well-being. If you are a teacher, a sports coach, or even a student – you can lead individuals in your community and start anywhere. Though it is best to coordinate with your community officials if you may want to lead a workshop or organize sports activities so people can join and have fun as well.

Personally, I am really grateful I have been part as an employee of TaskUs. TaskUs has been known as a “People-First” company, and they have proven it (to me) in several ways. Recently, I have joined and become one of the Wellness Heroes in TaskUs, Fort Excellence and I’m glad I did – the support is overflowing.

I have proven that we all have goodness within us – we just got to know ourselves a little deeper. I also found out that we can self-nurture and allow this goodness to grow exponentially. This way, you can keep pouring your cup without draining yourself to the extent of losing all that goodness within.

The Wellness and Resiliency Team within our company has a lot of things in store for all of the employees. And I am definitely excited about it. There are other several ways to become a wellness hero – you just got to find it within yourself. We got this!

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