Chicken and Veggies Fritatas

Who’s in the kitchen?

What’s there to look forward to?
I’m ready to try something for the family.
I have seen an early morning show featured and cooked Fritata sometime last month and I decided to come up with my own Fritata recipe. I used ground chicken breast instead of pork and so as added minced garlic, onions, potatoes and carrots.
Egg, salt, pepper and dried Basil completed the mix before I wrapped them in Molo wrappers. Sealed the mixture and pierced it with fork. As soon as I made a few, the uncooked Fritatas were deep fried. It’s ready and my toddler was totally excited. She had it for a snack!

Thanksgiving: Wherever You Are!

My childhood friend married a US citizen but their family is based in Japan. It just proves well that wherever you are, you can still celebrate Thanksgiving and any other celebrations, right?

Look at these photos and you’ll definitely feel the spirit of Thanksgiving. Thanks Marilyn for the photos.

It was when I worked for Convergys that I learned more about Thanksgiving Day. That it is being celebrated every 4th Thursday of November and it’s well celebrated just like Christmas. For some, it’s more grand. And, did you know that the first Thanksgiving Day lasted for 3 days? Interesting, right?

Baked or roasted turkey is normally the center of attraction in a Thanksgiving dinner table. That’s why some refer this day as “Turkey Day”. Aside from literally giving thanks, most communities run something like a food drive to help and serve food to the less fortunate ones. Which for me is really a blessed thing to do.

Families gather to celebrate and have dinner together. The more, the merrier!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Birth Anniversaries Galore

Birthdays are like Fiestas which means Food! Food! Food!

November is a month fully loaded with birthdays. Is it because these November babies were “made” during the LOVE month of February? LoL! That’s something for you to think about. A lot of my friends and relatives celebrates their birth anniversaries this month. For the CRUZ clan (relatives from my Father’s side), we have listed 18 (if I’m not mistaken) people. Some have passed away but most of them were able to celebrate with us last Sunday. This gathering was obviously planned since each family had to bring their specialties. I was tasked to bring loot bags for the kids but wasn’t able to buy the bags and ended up bringing 2 pots filled with candies. I thought it will be a lot more fun if the kids and kids-at-heart will have to play the game and get candies and cash prizes too. I was indeed right. It was totally memorable and we are hoping we could do this monthly perhaps? haha!

Notice how BIG the clan is? As far as I remember, we were not complete that day yet. It was a fun & deliciously filled day for each of us. My girls? – TIRED!

Toddler Photography #4

These are new sets I made out of my toddler’s shots.

See how she’s becoming a little vain? These photos are of hers, taken by her. I often tell her not to do these kind of shots since the flash might cause eye issues. After the many reminders, I found her exploring the camera’s features and has learned to disable flash. Whoooah! So much for a 2 year old kid!

She’s made new shots which are near perfect. Something that makes me proud and will definitely post soon.

Toddler Photography #3

Getting better yet?

These were taken one morning as I was preparing my elder daughter for school.

Notice that Roey took photos while she”s lying in the bed. We unintentionally woke her up because of the noise we made that morning. To my surprise, Roey”s first words that morning – “Where is?” – And she was referring to the digital camera which resulted to these photos. That’s her in White crocheted beanie.


Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3 & a Blessing!

The world has long been waiting for this 3rd fight. They say that this will put an end to the battle between who is really better, Manny or Juan Manual? The Filipino or the Mexican?

A lot must have been wondering what the outcome would be and so as really excited to see the fight. As of now, the main fight has not started yet. I am but one of those who are in the look for live streaming and lucky to have found one…one I wouldn’t share. reasons behind is not being selfish but of course it is more of ethics. If I share it, I will definitely violate something…something I am not really sure even, so better not to. =) I know everyone understands that. Besides, if someone enters the words live streaming or the fighters’ names in Google, you’ll definitely find a lot. Thank you. The fight will be shown a little late at GMA 7 so there’ll be no Party Pilipinas today. For sure, here in the Philippines, there’ll be no traffic problems nor reported crimes as soon as the fight start.  =) That’s but one of the many good things every Pacquiao fight does to the Philippines. We are so hopeful he wins this fight. I am truly excited.

The blessing I am referring to is that a new contract started today. I got hired for another Pinterest job and  I am but thankful. I can now say that I am definitely enjoying being a freelancer and being hands-on-mom at the same time. Aside from the fact I earn online, I get to be with my kids. I still have to perfect managing my time though but I am slowly getting there. I am but so thankful!