SKIN: Keep It Young

I haven”t faced a full body mirror for sometime now but when I passed by a boutique with a wall mirror, I somehow felt dismayed. When I got home, I decided to really take a good look at myself in front of the mirror.  I was in disbelief that my skin looks older than they are. I look older than I am. To add, I bumped into a co-parent one time and after few minutes of talking to her, she exclaimed that she thought we are of the same age. But hey! I am in fact 7 years younger than her.

I have realized that stress and irresponsibility has a big cause in losing that “beauty”…that “glow”. As it has been said, age is just a number but if its seen in your skin, then it”s a problem! My skin has aged and even if I have a jar of anti-aging cream if I am not responsible enough to use it religiously, then nothing will really happen. Aside from the wrinkles and crow”s feet, there were tiny scars and pimples present. Not to mention the Black & White heads that anyone would want to squeeze out. I have browsed  for skin care products and tips on how to take care of it too and I came across TANDA and saw this:
We Filipinos all know the word “tanda”…that it means age or ageing. This is really an enlightenment for me. I have a really oily skin ever since and would always wash my face to get rid of the dirt and oil..see in that above image? It says there that there are 400 millions of bacteria in an oily skin! In my face! Innovations like these is really of great help, especially to moms like me. As we age, we really can”t help but feel and see it through the eyes or the skin. Products as such will help us not just take care of our skin but also improve our self confidence if not completely bring it back. And, now that it”s summer here, it is also best to drink plenty of water and apply skin care products that will protect us from the harmful effects of UV rays. Age is something unavoidable, the best way to deal with it is to live it – clean, tone, moisturize, exfoliate, exercise – keep it young & healthy!


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