Continue Skin Care Routine While in General Community Quarantine

Continued Skin Care Routine While Quarantined

Amidst the pandemic, many of us has failed to continue their skin care routine due to many different reasons. The government’s announcement of Enhanced Community Quarantine last March may have triggered worries and worst, anxiety for some. Others may have stressed over the fear of acquiring the disease from somewhere and carry it home to their family.  For those who have the privilege of keeping their jobs and work-from-home still has hesitations and doubts which may trigger many skin problems.  Our worries made us set aside our wants, travel plans, schooling, our vanity and we had to prioritize our needs instead – food and safe shelter.

During those months, numerous sellers offered different products online. One of the largest online shopping platform has gained so much more attention. Many beauty products were offered at a discounted rate even. I started the Curly Girl Method in the middle of this quarantine period and it was somehow hard to find the right products for my hair. As for skin care, it is good that we have enough of the creams we need for me and my daughter’s needs.

It is also good that part of the health department’s initiative was to launch online consultations. KonsultaMD is one and is readily available thru phone calls and their website. Online consultations helps all of us lessen the risk of catching and spreading the virus, because we do not have to visit hospitals and clinics anymore. At least through this platform or channel, Filipino doctors remained accessible and available 24/7.

Why Continue Your Skin Care?

As I have mentioned earlier, this pandemic has brought about so many thoughts, fears and worries to everyone of us. Let us not forget that stress can trigger or worsen skin problems.

Proper or a good skin care routine is necessary as our skin serves as a barrier from infections. So, to help this barrier become stronger, we need to continue our skin care even during this pandemic. It is not just our immune system that we need to strengthen but our skin too.  Keeping our skin healthy and moisturized helps avoid infection.

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Eyecream and Serums

One of the overlooked step for a vibrant face is care for the skin around the eyes. The eyes can appear puffy or dry and doesn’t discriminate on age. Start as early as your 20’s by using eyecreams and serums to avoid getting tired-looking eyes later on. It pays off to start early on this routine.

When to Apply Facial Moisturizer

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, is composed of several layers, one of these stores water. This layer helps maintain the hydration of our skin. There are times though, due to many reasons, our skin isn’t holding onto or storing enough water. Many factors may have weakened its ability to do so. That is why our skin needs us – to have and continue a good skin care routine.

Skin Care
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Regularly applying face moisturizer helps prevent dryness, early signs of ageing — wrinkles, and maintain the right amount of hydration. My daughter’s Dermatologist advised her for a morning and evening moisturizer application, aside from the prescribed topical ointment she uses. She has a mild case of Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) which normally appears during the summer months and comes back when its rainy and when the weather is a little cold.

As for Dads, adult men rather, it is also said to be a good practice to moisturize every after shaving. The moisturizer acts like a facial hair conditioner and helps prevent different skin irritation. Regular use will help the skin look firm and energized too.

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Now that we are in a lighter quarantine stage, General Community Quarantine, many has returned to their regular working routine. These determined and courageous individuals, alongside our frontliners, continue to face the world despite their health worries. They are much more prone to skin infections, allergies and worst, the Corona virus we all fear.

With the fact that the each household’s economy has to be sustained and slowly grow back, let us still keep our positive spirits high. Continue your responsible self care and other healthy routines to protect yourself and the people you surround yourself with.

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