An Epic DIY Painting on T-Shirts We Enjoyed!

An Epic DIY Painting on T-Shirts

Kea and I have not tried painting on T-shirts, ever. But this day had to come when we dared go for it. We have plain white and colored T-shirts I ordered and got on sale online. Kea was suppose to use them for a DIY iron on project, but it did not push through. We didn’t have a printer with pigment dye to achieve great results.

Painting on T-Shirts

This t-shirt painting activity is not new anymore. Many artists have already done this, but she haven’t. I have not, and I did not have the confidence too. My daughter inspired me to try it with her. Because of her encouragement, I did found an image in Pinterest that I could use as reference. A simple design that would be perfect for my younger daughter.

Painting on T-Shirts The Creation of Adam

Kea on the other hand was like a daredevil on her first attempt at t-shirt painting. Haha! She chose to paint the famous Michaelangelo painting, “The Creation of Adam”She had her tools ready, including her fabric and textile paints and started her sketch first.

Kea normally has difficulty drawing hands, a lot of artists do, I guess. Still, she bravely challenged herself with this one. Her mother is so proud of her and what she was able to finish and create. She finished it after 2 days. The whole process was tiring but all worth it. Our bonding moment was epic and really memorable.

She was happy of the outcome. To hide some little painting mistakes, she added a yellow border to it.

Painting on T-Shirts

The shirt I used for my painting is a size bigger for Roey, she still wore it though. And liked it too!  So, those are our DIY Painted T-shirts. We will sure try this again in the future.

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