Successful Birthday Surprise: Huion Graphics Tablet

Successful Birthday Surprise: Huion Graphics Tablet

Thanks to a Lazada overseas seller, I got the Huion Graphics Tablet on sale. My dear daughter, Kea, had been eyeing and wanting to try digital arts. She installed an app on her mobile phone some time ago and used it for her first Kim Tae-hyung realism digital drawing. She happily posted and shared it on her Instagram account.

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Huion Graphics Tablet: Inspiroy

For less than two thousand pesos, I risked ordering the Huion H430P graphics drawing tablet from an overseas Lazada store. It was on a cash-on-Delivery basis, but then I am still not sure if the product would reach me intact and if it is indeed working properly. I am just glad that the transaction was smooth and fast. It took just exactly a week from ordering to delivery and the tablet is in good working condition.

The box came intact and well packaged. There package was complete with the drawing pen, care instructions and a free glove too. This particular model had good reviews and is still on sale at a very affordable price. A good gift for someone who loves to draw.

Kea actually thought that the laptop table, her birthday cake and yogurt drink were all she got. She then noticed a familiar gift bag with a gift tag in it. I had to reuse a gift bag her friend gave her last year, Haha!

Huion Graphics Tablet

Our birthday surprise was a success this time. She always catch me, actually.

She was all smiles when she opened the box and found a new drawing tablet. Well, she actually thought and got worried that this might have cost us a lot. We wanted to support her, so, we had to save for this one. At least this time, she will never have to use her bare fingers in creating digital art.

ZINE Digital Art Cover

She had the graphics tablet tested already – a ZINE. Here is the cover and back photos of what she created for her plate.


Happy birthday again sweetheart, my first love-at-first-sight baby girl. Keep in mind that we will back you up in attaining your dreams and we will continually pray for you and our family. We love you lots!

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