Pashminas for Your Bridesmaids

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Thinking of something to keep your bridesmaids warm during your cool autumn wedding? Consider giving them a pashmina, a long piece of clothing usually made from wool. This will help make them feel comfortable while at the ceremony and reception—especially if you are having an outdoor wedding—and can also double as a bridesmaid gift.

The name “pashmina” came from “pashm”, which is an ancient Persian word for wool, as the traditional pashminas came from the undercoat of Cashmere goats that are indigenous to the Himalayas in Nepal, Pakistan, and Northern India. The inner coat of hair from these goats is soft yet a perfect natural insulator, and therefore was used by weavers in Kashmir to produce handspun, woven scarves that can be used to keep people warm even in extremely cold conditions.

Function and Style

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Nowadays, pashminas provide pretty yet functional cover-ups for women who wish to protect themselves from the chilly air, especially when fall season sets in. And these include your bridesmaids who want to keep themselves cozy during the wedding while staying in style.

You can give your bridesmaids pashminas that has a similar shade or a color that complements their dress, and let them tie the fabric however they want to. This will help transform their look and at the same time make them feel comfortable as they move about.

Pashminas go well with vintage and traditional earrings. Depending on the wedding theme and motif, you can find a suitable earring and other accessories to go with your overall look.


You can also choose to personalize the pashminas: give them one that is in their favorite color, or with their names or initials embroidered on it.

What’s great about giving a pashmina to each of your bridesmaids is that they can use it even after the wedding. Pashminas can accentuate any wardrobe, from casual to formal. These scarves are not just stylish, but practical as well.

Where to buy Pashminas for Your Bridesmaids

You can easily find pashminas sold in various boutiques, or you can go to online stores that offer personalization like monogram embroidery. Just always check the quality — pashminas should not only be nice to look at; the fabric must be strong yet flexible, and lightweight to ensure that the girls can wear it comfortably.

Elegant, functional, and useful even after the big day itself, giving your bridesmaid a pashmina is, indeed, a great idea for your autumn wedding.

Pashminas for Your Bridesmaids

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