BTS Fan Art

BTS Fan Art

My daughter K, @heyitskea on Instagram, learned about an app she can use for digital arts. So, she decided to try it and installed AutoDesk Sketchbook. Then there was the image of her being so busy with a few little artworks. She made a few until she decided to try something a little complicated, a BTS fan art as she call it. This one below took a little time and really challenged her because she did not use any stylus, just her fingers and mobile phone.BTS Taehyung

She is an ARMY, and her bias is Kim Tae-hyung, also known by his stage name V. K may have thought of challenging herself to make something a little more complicated. That is when she saw this photo of V and tried making her fan art. She posted this in her Instagram account and captioned: “My first try on realism digital art and it’s Taehyung! ?? I’m sooooo happy! This took me a week to finish tho ? Still getting used with it (app).”

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