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    Beauty Station PH Giveaway Winners

    Beauty Station PH Giveaway Winners! I am totally excited calling myself as one Beauty Station PH giveaway winner! How much excitement do you get after learning you won from a giveaway from a certain social media platform? I had so much, honestly. It was not my first time winning, but the feeling and the “winning” that you can actually share means a lot more. I recently joined an online giveaway Beauty Station PH started in Facebook, called #HelloBeautyWanderer. One of the requirements besides to like and follow their Facebook page is to also tag two of your friends. Tagged two of my real life “kumares”, Faye and Amy. After a few days,…

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    The Beautiful Cup

    We all have complaints every now and then. But then, there are moments you realize it on your own (or with a help of a loved one or a friend) that good things always outweigh the bad. That is when we realize that blessings are all over us, in different forms and sizes, senses and uses. And just like cups, we have to let the beauty of these blessings come out. So, we can share and be a blessing to another. And at the end of the day, everything just proves that GOD is so amazing!       *Photo from Pinterest

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    SKIN: Keep It Young

    I haven”t faced a full body mirror for sometime now but when I passed by a boutique with a wall mirror, I somehow felt dismayed. When I got home, I decided to really take a good look at myself in front of the mirror.  I was in disbelief that my skin looks older than they are. I look older than I am. To add, I bumped into a co-parent one time and after few minutes of talking to her, she exclaimed that she thought we are of the same age. But hey! I am in fact 7 years younger than her. I have realized that stress and irresponsibility has a…