Her Last Sewing Machine

This sewing machine was my Mama’s last. I bought her this in replacement of an older Bother sewing machine.  It was not her birthday nor there was a special occasion. I just felt that it is necessary for me to buy her a new one so she’ll stop doing the laundry and sew instead. At least, she will be able to make something new to wear or repair and re-purpose some old ones. She made an apron and some underwear shorts for my elder daughter. She made several blouses and summer dresses too.



My Mama was a dressmaker, businesswoman and a beautician during her younger and stronger days… I mean, when she was still alive. She was able to send me to school with all her abilities and “diskarte” in life. Being friendly and approachable is a big plus too. She always have that smile which will signal anyone that she’s a good and trustworthy person.

When I brought home this Brother sewing machine, I somehow saw an awkwardness in her smile and appreciation. It did not cross my mind that she’ll not make use of this one that much compared to her old tabletop machine and Singer sewing machine. This has become her last sewing machine. She passed away about  5 months after I bought her this. =(


Since she’s gone, who else will use this sewing machine but me! I made several pillowcases, and the Purple Skirt my daughter wore for a school contest.


I was so excited to start a new project early January I even went to Divisoria and bought few yards of cotton textile. I also found where to buy that cotton they use for vacuumed pillows and bought a kilo too. It’s just that when I opened the sewing machine and was eager to start, it would not work anymore. Rust stain is just everywhere, it is in every important part of the sewing machine. A sudden feeling of sadness hit me and then came memories of Mama which made me really sad. I should have taken care of her sewing machine in a better way. Someone advised me to use oil or wd40. I actually haven’t tried it, I kept the sewing machine again. When I no longer feel Blue, and when the crafty fairies come visit me again for ideas and inspiration, I’ll sure get back to it.


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