Purple Pick

I have already blogged about my daughter’s purple skirt here but I’m gonna use it again, hope you guys don’t mind.

I succeeded in sewing a skirt for my daughter which I had her wore at Jillian’s party and then again at school as her costume. She won 2nd place in their annual English declamation contest. I picked Purple cloth to match her blouse perfectly.

As I’ve mentioned, this blog is home to my hobbies. Check out that Pink blouse of Keanna and you’ll see what I’ve ensembled. Purple necklace with Black ribbon! I stitched it at the sides of the shoulders of her blouse. Another thing I did was the headband she’s wearing. No, I didn’t make it but redecorated it instead. I added Black flower shaped lace and voila!

Though I haven’t made any dress yet, I have already collaborated designs that I find cute and cool for little girls. Hoping I’ll manage to find time for my sewing hobby soon.

Crazy Over Purple

9 thoughts on “Purple Pick

    1. It’s just easy Pepper. For me, I need time to sit in front of the sewing machine, I have tons of baby dresses to make for both my kids. LoL!

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