Sweet Snack

I’ve always wanted to have a wide and pretty kitchen because I love to experiment in cooking or try baking. Sadly, I don’t have one…yet! Well, even so, it won’t stop me in looking out for recipes be it online or from books and magazines. Together with Keanna, I also enjoy watching cooking shows locally or internationally.

One time that I suddenly missed my Mom, I decided to try cooking her best tasting Turon (Banana Fritters). I only have few bananas so I ended up with less than a dozen. I deep fried the pieces and gave some to my parents in law. Glad that they liked it. I regret not buying some jackfruit pieces so the turon would be a lot special. Well, there will be a next time for the “kitchen superstar” me. LoL!

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20 thoughts on “Sweet Snack

  1. that looks good! we’ve got loads of bananas (saba) here at my parent’s house right now…will see if we can make a few turon! 🙂

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  5. yummy! lucky may saba din dito, so my kids were able to try it as well as hubby and i’m happy that they all love it! visiting late from ftf, sorry! have a great week! 🙂

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