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    Her Last Sewing Machine

    This sewing machine was my Mama’s last. I bought her this in replacement of an older Bother sewing machine.  It was not her birthday nor there was a special occasion. I just felt that it is necessary for me to buy her a new one so she’ll stop doing the laundry and sew instead. At least, she will be able to make something new to wear or repair and re-purpose some old ones. She made an apron and some underwear shorts for my elder daughter. She made several blouses and summer dresses too.   My Mama was a dressmaker, businesswoman and a beautician during her younger and stronger days… I…

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    Losing a Mother

    Yesterday was my Mama’s 2nd death anniversary. We offered a mass for her soul and dropped by the cemetery. I’ve been dreaming of her almost every week which made me truly miss her. These adjectives aren’t enough to describe how wonderful she’s been not just to me but to my kids and so as my friends. A lot can testify on that. Losing a Mother is really though but it has made me tougher as a person and a Mom too. I could not thank my Mom enough for all of what she taught and imparted me. As go on with life, I feel so blessed and lucky that I…

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    I”m a fan of my Mom. She”s the BEST there “was” for me and this song has made me cry numerous times most especially when my Mom passed away. Mama, I know you are happy where you are now. I just truly miss you so much. You know that I dedicate this song for you and we”ve listened to this repeatedly at home and even before you bid your farewell. I really appreciate everything. I love you so much! My Mama was once an OFW. These photos were taken at Kuwait where she was a sewer for 2 years.    This is my very first time to join