5 Things a Simple SMILE can do


You have heard that “Laughter is the best medicine!” but did you ever wonder why?
You must have already found the answer from Google or from a medical book maybe.

To be honest, since I have had dentures years back, I feel awkward when I smile. So, when I give a polite type of smile, I also let my eyes work – a wink, a smiling eyes or a quick raise of the eyebrows.

When I became a mom, I realized that I should be more giving – of happy smiles. My daughters would gladly smile at me with zero hesitation at all. So, being the mom, I had let go of that awkwardness or consciousness (because of the dentures) and give back a smile to them.  I have read that there were different types of smile. I even practice in front of the bathroom mirror. I saw my younger daughter did that too back when she was just three, I had to capture it in a video.  She cringed every time I show it to her and we all just end up laughing.

So smiling really has benefits. And you may find a lot more things a smile can do to yourself or to someone.

5 Things a Simple SMILE can do


1. A SMILE is contagious.
2. “Every time you smile, it is an act of love – a gift …” ~Mother Teresa
3. We are all rich of smiles, be generous! It warms someone’s heart and can touch and enrich the ones who receive it. Plus factor is it won’t cost you a thing.
4. A genuine smile is an asset! It attracts attention and promotion. It brings out an aura of confidence and positiveness which people find to be attractive.
5. Smiling is a stress-reliever! You are more relaxed when smiling. And because of its stress-relieving property, your immune system is strengthened and thus, smiling can actually prevent colds, lower your heart rate and blood pressure.



So do not frown. Do something good to yourself and better things will happen to you!

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