Paris, The Chihuahua Gave Birth!

It was Paris” first time.  And just like a woman, it was quite hard for her. Paris is my cousin”s Chihuahua and her brother, they named Taguro, is their babies” dad. She gave birth to 2 cute very dark Brown pups.



They were present and attended during Paris” labor and had help from a vet. Since Paris is just a small dog, they were charged 4K. And I think it is because of a CS delivery. See, whelping (a new word I have learned – the term for dogs giving birth, or birthing dog)  is costly but I guess the fee is not bad at all, Paris was well taken cared of, so as both her pups.



While dogs are giving birth, again, just like any woman, soft words of encouragement is recommended. Though dogs are known to be self reliant when they are to give birth, it is still necessary to prepare for her. They like dark and quiet corners if they are to whelp at home. Nowadays, it is indeed best to bring them to the vet”s clinic just as to ensure the dogs” safety.

Paris is now at home together with her little ones. She is really doing a good job feeding her cute little puppies. Upin is what they called the male puppy and Ipin for the female one. Upin and Ipin though, the animated Malaysian tv series are twin brothers.

“One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you”re feeling blue is that he doesn”t try to find out why.”  ~Author Unknown

March is Pet Love: Rabies Awareness Month



March, besides known to be the fire prevention month is also the Rabies Awareness Month. Did you know that the Department of Health have already established 360 Animal Bite Treatment Centers all over the country? This is because of the number of death due to rabies continue to arise.

As we already know, rabies is a preventable viral infection. It does affect the central nervous system and can be fatal. Then again, it is preventable. If you have dogs or other pets like cats or any other warm-blooded animals, have them vaccinated for an anti-rabies oce they are at least 3 months old. The vaccine is also recommended to be done yearly after the initial shot for their protection.

I remember my Mom to have been bitten numerous times when she was a teener and when she already have me. She would always mention before that she is not sure why dogs love to bit her. Funny as it may seem but she is one of the many people who gets terrified with the sight of an unfamiliar dog, especially when it barks loud. She once told me that there was one time she had to follow an old belief to put or rub garlic in the bitten part but realized when she arrived at the hospital, she was reprimanded by the doctor who attended her. She got bit again after and has learned what she should do with the bite. The wound should be washed by just soap and water as soon as possible and head to the nearest hospital’s emergency room. What to do with the pet? Leash them and they had to be observed for up to 2 weeks. If it is not possible to observe the animal, your physician will at once advise for a post-exposure vaccine, as they call it.

Again, with all these info we have on hand and can access, prevention is still necessary. So, let your pets get their vaccines. The cute dogs in the photo were my cousin’s newly adopted pets named Paris and Tarugo. Aren’t they cute?

Caring for your Cat

Generally cat owners are cat lovers and want to make sure their pets are at their healthiest at all times. When one of my three cats, Bobby, started acting strangely and differently to normal, of course I began to worry. He kept making more noise than he usually does and I caught him squatting in my sink as if he needed to urinate but couldn’t. The next morning he was in my plant pot doing the same so I took him to the vet’s drop-in hour.

Bobby is now on a diet of Royal Canin Urinary SO cat food as he had contracted a urinary tract disease. Since the change of diet, I have not caught him in my sink again and he seems to be back to his normal self. Chicken has always been his favourite flavour so luckily he can still enjoy the taste of his food even though it is medicinal.

There are many different brands of cat foods that can help manage certain illnesses, such as obesity, stress, allergies and various organ diseases such as liver disease. These are an easy way to administer the necessary nutrients your cat needs although you should always check with your vet before using any. Also, some cannot be used in conjunction with certain medications which is another reason why you should listen to your vet carefully.

One thing all cat owners should do to keep their cats healthy and happy is to use a regular flea treatment. Used just once a month, products such as Frontline for cats kill any fleas, ticks and lice on your cat and aids flea allergies. There is really no reason not to use a flea treatment as it is so easy to acquire and to use with the topical spot on pipette.

Basic Horse Care Tips For Beginners

Anyone who is new to horse care will probably be overwhelmed with the amount of advice from different websites and also booklets that you receive from your vets. You will find that a lot of different owners will have their particular style of caring for their horse and this may not per se suit you. Although there are some basic fundamentals that every owner does you find that a lot of people will have different methods and styles which are dependent on the region of the country they are in and also the weather conditions.

Here are some very basic tips for any beginners to make their horse feel a little bit more comfortable during certain times of the year.

  • Firstly, adding horse supplements to your daily feed is really important. Although you will probably be feeding them a good mixture of food and trying to ensure that they have a healthy and varied diet adding extra supplements means that they are going to get a boost in certain areas of nutrition. The type of supplement that you give your horse will depend on the breed that you have and it’s particular needs.

  • Secondly, this is something that not a lot of owners actually focus on but using horse fly repellent can greatly improve the well-being and the mood of your horse. This is especially true in wet and hot months where flies are at an unusual peak. By using fly repellent this will mean that they are not buzzing around your animal’s eyes and body causing it to be unnecessarily annoyed.

  • Thirdly, horse hoof care products are ideal for the dry months. In the summer the ground will dry up and become increasingly hard and your horse’s hoofs will lose moisture and start cracking. By using some products you will be able to moisturise and stop them from cracking and causing them pain.

These are three horse care tips that you probably won’t find a lot of beginners concentrate on. They will be more focused on making sure that they get all of the equipment and the feeding right. By following these basic rules you could ensure that the quality of life of your animal is improved greatly for only a little extra cost.