Our Happy Pet Completes His Vaccines

Our Happy Pet Visits The Vet

Wellness check-ups and vaccinations are highly important for our pets to stay healthy and happy. With Kiro, every vet visit is physically tiring but fun and memorable. Even if we got to be a little seriously cautious when going out, funny Kiro makes everything lighter. His first vet visit was crazy hilarious when he couldn’t help drop a little round poo inside the tricycle and peed as soon as we got off.

Pet Vet Visit
Pin This! Our Happy Pet Visits The Vet

During this pandemic, every trip outside our homes needs to be scheduled and well-planned. I had to bring Kiro back to the vet after 2 weeks from his first 5-in-1 shot. We were done and back home in less than 30 minutes. It wouldn’t be possible if we did not follow our schedule. I made sure to exchange text messages with our vet before our visit.

pet Vet visit
Pin This! Our Happy Pet Visits The Vet

Our third vet visit for Kiro has been moved to a week later because of the ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) implemented that same week we were supposedly scheduled. That visit was also a quick one but the most challenging of all. It was just me and Kiro, and as soon as we got out of the clinic, the rain poured. It was quite hard to carry our heavy pet dog while holding an umbrella. I am glad that the clinic is just near, or we might have soaked in the rain.

petKiro has finally completed his vaccines for this year (as a puppy), all 5-in-1 doses, and anti-rabies. Next year’s vaccines will be just boosters. Booster vaccinations for our pet dogs are necessary for their continued protection. It could at least help them be protected from catching diseases. And they need it even if they aren’t really going outside (during this pandemic). We got to remember, they stay at home but we are the ones who frequent the outside world for all our errands. We are likely to bring infections and viruses into the house with our clothes and slippers or shoes. That is just one reason for us to be cautious.



That’s our pet Kiro at the vet clinic, waiting for the last jab. We can now at least be less worried about illnesses that might affect him. Kiro has truly brought a different sense of happiness to our family. We’re glad to have adopted him. So, if you are a pet owner or are still planning to get one, make sure you have them protected too, by completing the necessary vaccines.


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