Successful Vet Visit: Vaccines For Kiro

Successful Vet Visit: Vaccines For Kiro

Dog’s anti-rabies vaccine should be administered at their 3rd month. They also needed to be dewormed every 2 weeks on their first two months and then once on their third month. Although a little late, we took care of Kiro’s deworming. For the anti-rabies and the canine 5-in-1 vaccines, since we have been on a strict quarantine measure, we couldn’t bring Kiro to the vet. We decided to look for the nearest vet instead, until the lockdown ease up.

When we finally can go out, we brought him to the nearest vet. He is the same vet that took care of Amber, my sister in law’s dog. And, just so you’d know, Amber passed away just recently, she was almost 10 years old, if I am not mistaken. I usually take pictures of Amber when she was still alive. She’s really a beautiful big dog.

Our Kiro is a mongrel dog, or what Filipinos call, Aspin (Asong Pinoy). Though an Aspin, we truly have loved him… a lot! He is family. And you take care of your family, right? So, this month, being the Philippines’ Rabies Awareness Month, reminded us of our obligation to our dog, for everyone’s protection. We got to get him vaccinated, now!

Vaccine Day

We had him scheduled and prepared ourselves with many possibilities of how Kiro would react once outside and in the vet clinic.¬†When the day of our vet visit came, we decided to bath him early morning. I just thought that he may not be allowed to take baths once vaccinated. You know, just like with babies. Kea decided to come with me and Kiro. We had Kiro wore a small tee (Roey’s toddler t-shirt), just because. We think he liked it, too.

Kiro went all giddy happy when we got outside our gate. He was barking and dancing and tried to run excitedly. We decided to ride a tricycle off to the vet and walked on our way back home. Kiro made a scene, but we know he was so happy.

Pin This! Successful Vet Visit: Vaccines for Kiro

He was given the anti-rabies vaccine and 5-in-1. According to the vet, the combination vaccine are five core vaccines given in one single shot. It should be administered 4 times, every 2 weeks, and then booster shots annually. These vaccines protect our dogs from viruses that are contagious and highly fatal to them. So, it is indeed best to have Kiro get them for his protection, even if he isn’t really going outside and interacts with other dogs.

The above image shows his face while I carried him home from the vet. It was his first time outside after 3 months of staying with us. Understandably, I guess, he will definitely go crazy-happy to have seen the outside world in a bigger picture… and experience it, too! Kea kept laughing at us, because Kiro couldn’t contain his excitement and cannot manage to properly just walk calmly. He barks at everything, and everyone. Because he weighs about 10 kilos already, it was definitely hard to carry him.

Kiro Visits the Vet for Vaccine

We were given a pet immunization card by the vet and was given instructions too, to take note of Kiro’s deworming schedule. His 5-in1 vaccines costs Php400 and the anti-rabies was Php300. There might be a free anti-rabies vaccines for cats and dogs in your Barangay Vet Clinics this month, so you may want to check that out. I did, but was informed that there isn’t one scheduled here.

We will be back to the vet after two weeks for his second 5-in-1 vaccine. Hopefully, that trip will be easier than this one. Though quite challenging, our vet visit was fun.

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