Consider Safety Protocols On Your Dental Visit

Dental Visit During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Our dental health should never be neglected, even during this pandemic we are facing now.  It took a little while for me to have the courage though. After more than a year of bearing the on and off toothache and gum bleeding, I was finally able to visit a dentist.

I have had issues with my “cuspid” since the last quarter of 2019.  The pain wasn’t really strong and was just on and off, I decided to shrug it off. Then this pandemic happened – when the cuspid started to “fall off” on its own. Sadly, it was too late for me to save it, it obviously needed to be removed. but during the ECQ, dental clinics were closed. Again, I needed to endure the discomfort.

One day, while we were eating lunch, my upper third molar cracked. It caused me yet another discomfort as the cracked tooth touches the inside lining of my cheeks. I had a little cut, it actually hurt.

It’s a good thing though, that I still get to consult a very friendly and caring dentist, Doc Pia Balangitan of Candido-Balangitan Dental Clinic. The timing was good, I think, because a week after the incident, quarantine protocols has eased up. We finally had my dental visit scheduled.

Prior to my visit, there were many things I had considered, my safety primarily. I found out that the clinic only accepts 3 scheduled patients a day. Her clinic location is another consideration. It is great that it is near our place. Doc Pia gave me instructions on how I can complete my schedule, fee details and an app I need to register to. Of course, I had to self check my health status too before visiting the good dentist.

Her clinic is already located in Valenzuela City, while I am in Caloocan. The ValTrace app is necessary for the city’s contact tracing. In this app, once you have registered, a QR code will be provided.  That QR code will then be scanned by the person or in my case, the dental clinic I am visiting.

I felt safe and warmly welcomed by the friendly and caring dentist, Doc Pia Balangitan of Candido-Balangitan Dental Clinic.  Tooth extraction is one of my fears, really. Imagine that fear doubled by this pandemic. I was really hesitant, but Doc Pia has magically eased out the fear. She was able to perform tooth extraction without me fighting or fainting. Haha!

Dental Clinic Visit

Things to consider prior to your dental clinic visit

These things I’d like to enumerate are things I considered personally, prior to deciding my visit and procedure.

  • Clinic location
  • Virtual Appointment
  • Dental services offered by the clinic
  • Dentist’s characteristics and competency
  • Positive reviews
  • Infection Control measures
  • Fees and charges

Doc Pia’s dental services are priced reasonable enough as I felt really safe inside her clean clinic, and was taken cared of properly. For infection control measures, dental clinics charge a Covid Control fee to patients and whoever enters the treatment area. It is also required to wear mask and face shield.

I am really thankful to Doc Pia Balangitan for her caring hands and heart. She explained to me all dental options. She also had recommendations for my girls’ dental care needs. She is definitely a competent dentist, someone you can surely trust.

If you are in need of any dental services within South Caloocan, Quezon City or in Valenzuela City, you may want to consider contacting Doc Pia Balangitan thru her Facebook page. Be rest assured that you will be accommodated promptly and properly.

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