GT: Fabulous!

This may be a little out of my league and funny but I’m just being honest that my LSS for today is this:


Okay, you can start laughing. LoL! So fab, right? Haha! I normally allow the kids watch Hi5 or listen to their own playlist in the morning and today we did the latter. Since I have a 17 month old darling plus an 8 year old sweetie, the playlist is a mixed of songs they love listening to.
Someone here adores HSM, Taylor Swift and Hannah Montana and I don’t have a choice but to listen and sing along with them too. We got a little silly dancing and jumping this morning while singing “Mr. Sun” (Barney’s Favorites) as we wait for hubby to arrive from work.

As soon as he did, we then left for the PTC (Parent & Teachers Conference) at Marian School of Q.C. where we were given a copy of the new The Citadel .

And as Ronald drive along the Old Sauyo Road, I found myself singing “Fetch me my Jimmy Choo Flip Flops. Where is my Pink Prada tote? I need my Tiffany hairband then I can go for a floooooooooat!” . Keanna got me into this, I know! Haha! It is her LSS too. And I’m not sure as to how long will this song stick with my senses. Oh wow!

My soon to be Grade 4 daughter’s class standing is another story. But for sure, we’ll be back at school tomorrow for something fabulous!

Earn from Links & Reviews

I have already posted here that this blog will showcase products of my new hobby which is sewing. Just after a few days, I came to realize to widen my horizon in this blog. All my hobbies will now be included. You may wonder what they are but I too love reading novels, watching series and movies. I also would like to learn more about photography and is dreaming of owning a dslr cam, I guess that”s far from reality for now. I am into scrapblogging and can make crafts too (that”s when I don”t feel really lazy like today).

Yeah! They”re quite a list to call but aside from that, I”d like to take the opportunity to too. I”ve learned about Link From Blog from my friend G and it is really promising.
I get to share what I love to do and I can also earn from it. Nice, right? It is a company which started 2008 and is located in Minnesota, USA. And as a blogger, our safety is one of their priorities here. We are definitely free from false advertising since they are legit and ethical. You can get paid through your Paypal accounts as well.
By the way, I have to stop sewing last night since the plug of the sewing machine”s adapter got busted, I mean ruined. I got so scared last night that I have to turn off the electricity main source for a few minutes just to be able to remove the “remains” of the plug itself. Whew!


Today is the 100th day since my Mama passed away. I’ve made a scrapblog for her and decided to make a short clip of it. I’ll be creating copies in vcd or dvd format too and give to her siblings. These are only few of her photos…few of her memories and a number of people whom she met, talked to, took care of, befriended and loved. Tears flowed several times while creating this tribute and I will never be ashamed to cry it out again. I am just so thankful and privileged that I am her daughter, her one and only to be exact.

This is for Mama, for my Aunts & Uncles, for the rest of our relatives, for our friends and for my family. Please pardon me if some ain’t have their photos here, for sure I missed a number of people but we are definitely thankful that you all were part of my mother’s life. You have made it more meaningful & wonderful. She’s happy to have met you all. Thank you everyone!

MM: Purple Skirt

I haven’t thought that I could finish one without my Mama guiding me, but I did! It felt good and wherever my Mom is, she’ll be proud of me.
This is the very first skirt I was able to cut and sew. Glad to say that I made it!
It was a perfect fit to my daughter, Keanna. She wore it at Jillian Ward’s (aka Trudis Liit) birthday party and wore it again as her “costume” in their school’s declamation contest where she was a 2nd placer.

I even heard a mom a row away from my seat that said: “wow!Ang ganda ng damit!” (nice outfit)
I chose this color for Keanna because purple is her other fave color. Of course, most girls love Pink, right?
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I”m a fan of my Mom. She”s the BEST there “was” for me and this song has made me cry numerous times most especially when my Mom passed away.
Mama, I know you are happy where you are now. I just truly miss you so much. You know that I dedicate this song for you and we”ve listened to this repeatedly at home and even before you bid your farewell. I really appreciate everything. I love you so much!
My Mama was once an OFW. These photos were taken at Kuwait where she was a sewer for 2 years. 


This is my very first time to join

The First Stitch

Hi there! Welcome to my newest blog.

It”s been awhile since I last blogged. I missed it, honestly. So, thanks to some of my friends like G, Iris & AC for the inspiration they brought back to me. Now, I have added this new blog I called Stitches of Life.
Stitches of Life it is …
Mainly because our life is like patches or stitches. They are different in names, colors and styles. There are loops and knots too. Now this new blog site will showcase clothings that I”ll be able to sew or should I call them my “produce”.
I had the loneliest Christmas last year. My Mom passed away.I may look okay but I lost weight and is still coping. My Mama is really my inspiration in deciding to start a small sewing biz at home. Well, I guess I shouldn”t be calling it yet a biz but a hobby.

My Mom and I have been planning this even before we found out about her Peri Ampullary tumor. I bought yards of different fabrics, threads, buttons, ribbons and a sewing machine online casino for her. She was able to finish some for my kids.
The one I love most is Haley”s birthday dress.

(photo on the right shows Haley held by my Mom while wearing the dress)
Her loss really broke me, but thanks God for my Mom was able to nurture me with open-mindedness and positivity. She suffered and felt so much pain but accepted her death whole-heartedly. She requested for us to be happy & smile as we wait for her home coming (from the hospital that is). She passed away a day after we brought her home.
Life itself doesn”t stop when you lose a loved one. It is also true to be easier said than done…but we all know time heals.

God is so powerful that he can calm down the most upset ocean.
That chapter in my life has passed. I”m moving on and this is what my Mom requested of me. She wanted me to be strong for my kids, to continue to be positive about life and it”s challenges, to smile and embrace every sunshine a daylight brings and to be happy and thankful for all the blessings we receive.
Each of us are sewers because LIFE is how we stitch it.