GT: Fabulous!

This may be a little out of my league and funny but I’m just being honest that my LSS for today is this:


Okay, you can start laughing. LoL! So fab, right? Haha! I normally allow the kids watch Hi5 or listen to their own playlist in the morning and today we did the latter. Since I have a 17 month old darling plus an 8 year old sweetie, the playlist is a mixed of songs they love listening to.
Someone here adores HSM, Taylor Swift and Hannah Montana and I don’t have a choice but to listen and sing along with them too. We got a little silly dancing and jumping this morning while singing “Mr. Sun” (Barney’s Favorites) as we wait for hubby to arrive from work.

As soon as he did, we then left for the PTC (Parent & Teachers Conference) at Marian School of Q.C. where we were given a copy of the new The Citadel .

And as Ronald drive along the Old Sauyo Road, I found myself singing “Fetch me my Jimmy Choo Flip Flops. Where is my Pink Prada tote? I need my Tiffany hairband then I can go for a floooooooooat!” . Keanna got me into this, I know! Haha! It is her LSS too. And I’m not sure as to how long will this song stick with my senses. Oh wow!

My soon to be Grade 4 daughter’s class standing is another story. But for sure, we’ll be back at school tomorrow for something fabulous!

12 thoughts on “GT: Fabulous!

  1. love it! i'm a HSM avid fan…thanks for your comment on my post…
    happy Thursday!

  2. wahahahaha i have heard of HSM and watched it maybe once or twice mare but never really understood how the story went. but these are the things that makes parenting all the more exciting as it is. ngayon puma-prada ka na ah wahahahahaha winner!

  3. hhahaha 😀 cutie song, first time in my ears. i guess i need to be ready for rock music maybe three more years. thanks for dropping by at my GT.

  4. i love this song from HSM2!

    Here is my song. Please dont forget to like my page @ FB. Thanks very much!

    Happy GT!

    Never hesitate to drop by my home.

  5. Don't worry, sis, you are not alone on this boat. My children also love HSM. MY favourite HSM song is What I've Been Looking For. 🙂

    Happy GT!

  6. i never thought i'd like HSM but when i finally watched it, i was hooked 🙂

    i liked this song, but i love It's All About Me above all 🙂

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