Get Back That Passion

Crafts (including sewing) has been one of my passions. I’d like to be able to create dresses for my kids just like the way my Mama did for me when I was little. But, where did that passion go?

I have been feeling a little lazy to get started with it. Part of me insists to shrug the feeling off.

And I really want to. I need more positive energies to overcome this feeling. I need to move on. I have to act or soon I will regret not embracing all the opportunities in front of me.. of not using the talent (if it is indeed a talent) bestowed on me. I’d like to remember my dearest inspiration and I want her to be happy for me… and proud of me too.
This passion for crafts and sewing made me collect ideas I’ve seen and read from the internet. The “how to’s”, “where to’s” and “what to’s”. They are all saved in folders I named differently depending on their categories. I just hate that I find myself overwhelmed that I kept adding more tasks to do when I haven’t finished yet what I have already started. Tons of ideas occupies my mind that I can no longer remember where have I stopped on the project that I have initiated.
And I saw a blog post. A contest that is. This could be the spark. This could be a sign for me to get up and move. I don’t want to waste more time and energy with nothing to call an accomplishment. With this in mind, I’d like to share with you a Birthday & Beauty Giveaway promo where you could win prizes to start a blog where you can share your own passion for just about anything. Cash prizes are in store too for it has a number of sponsors and…

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