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I have already posted here that this blog will showcase products of my new hobby which is sewing. Just after a few days, I came to realize to widen my horizon in this blog. All my hobbies will now be included. You may wonder what they are but I too love reading novels, watching series and movies. I also would like to learn more about photography and is dreaming of owning a dslr cam, I guess that”s far from reality for now. I am into scrapblogging and can make crafts too (that”s when I don”t feel really lazy like today).

Yeah! They”re quite a list to call but aside from that, I”d like to take the opportunity to too. I”ve learned about Link From Blog from my friend G and it is really promising.
I get to share what I love to do and I can also earn from it. Nice, right? It is a company which started 2008 and is located in Minnesota, USA. And as a blogger, our safety is one of their priorities here. We are definitely free from false advertising since they are legit and ethical. You can get paid through your Paypal accounts as well.
By the way, I have to stop sewing last night since the plug of the sewing machine”s adapter got busted, I mean ruined. I got so scared last night that I have to turn off the electricity main source for a few minutes just to be able to remove the “remains” of the plug itself. Whew!

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