Today is the 100th day since my Mama passed away. I’ve made a scrapblog for her and decided to make a short clip of it. I’ll be creating copies in vcd or dvd format too and give to her siblings. These are only few of her photos…few of her memories and a number of people whom she met, talked to, took care of, befriended and loved. Tears flowed several times while creating this tribute and I will never be ashamed to cry it out again. I am just so thankful and privileged that I am her daughter, her one and only to be exact.

This is for Mama, for my Aunts & Uncles, for the rest of our relatives, for our friends and for my family. Please pardon me if some ain’t have their photos here, for sure I missed a number of people but we are definitely thankful that you all were part of my mother’s life. You have made it more meaningful & wonderful. She’s happy to have met you all. Thank you everyone!

7 thoughts on “100th

  1. naalala ko tuloy na sabi mo ginagaya ako ni tita by saying di sila close ng pork hehe hugs mare i wish i can take all the pain away by hugging you. thanks for sharing..we love you!

  2. Naalala ko rin kanina mare na tawa sya ng tawa sa isa sa mga biro mo, I just can't remember which. Pati si Tammy napapatawa nya si Mama hanggang maiyak na sya. Thanks mare. I grabbed some photos ha, hindi ako nagsabi. =)

  3. ang ganda naman mare! 2x kong pinanood.. ung unang beses kasi lumabo na sa may gitnang part.. naiyak ako.. hehehe. namiss ko si fatherhood! im sure tuwang tuwa si mama mo sa ginawa mo!

  4. stef, super duper sa ganda. i was so touched. i bet that wherever mama is, i know that she's very proud and very happy to have you as a daughter. pareho kayong mabait. no wonder. . .like mother, like daughter.

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