The First Stitch

Hi there! Welcome to my newest blog.

It”s been awhile since I last blogged. I missed it, honestly. So, thanks to some of my friends like G, Iris & AC for the inspiration they brought back to me. Now, I have added this new blog I called Stitches of Life.
Stitches of Life it is …
Mainly because our life is like patches or stitches. They are different in names, colors and styles. There are loops and knots too. Now this new blog site will showcase clothings that I”ll be able to sew or should I call them my “produce”.
I had the loneliest Christmas last year. My Mom passed away.I may look okay but I lost weight and is still coping. My Mama is really my inspiration in deciding to start a small sewing biz at home. Well, I guess I shouldn”t be calling it yet a biz but a hobby.

My Mom and I have been planning this even before we found out about her Peri Ampullary tumor. I bought yards of different fabrics, threads, buttons, ribbons and a sewing machine online casino for her. She was able to finish some for my kids.
The one I love most is Haley”s birthday dress.

(photo on the right shows Haley held by my Mom while wearing the dress)
Her loss really broke me, but thanks God for my Mom was able to nurture me with open-mindedness and positivity. She suffered and felt so much pain but accepted her death whole-heartedly. She requested for us to be happy & smile as we wait for her home coming (from the hospital that is). She passed away a day after we brought her home.
Life itself doesn”t stop when you lose a loved one. It is also true to be easier said than done…but we all know time heals.

God is so powerful that he can calm down the most upset ocean.
That chapter in my life has passed. I”m moving on and this is what my Mom requested of me. She wanted me to be strong for my kids, to continue to be positive about life and it”s challenges, to smile and embrace every sunshine a daylight brings and to be happy and thankful for all the blessings we receive.
Each of us are sewers because LIFE is how we stitch it.

3 thoughts on “The First Stitch

  1. congrats to this new blog mare…
    why blogger ulit? touching naman mare. tama si mama mo, be strong and move forward. i know you can. goodluck on your biz mare… and thanks for the mention.

  2. You are most welcome AC! You have help me enough to get back ibto blogging. Yaan mo I'll try to learn the other flat form. =)

  3. i admire you for being so strong about it! I am sure your mom is so proud of you right now. she's happier with our Creator, I am sure. How I wish I am close so I could give you a tight hug! You are always in my prayer.

    and YAYYYYY on the business! let's motivate each other for business! Turknoy is actually a way to get started for the restaurant, we just need to keep the "new word" going through blogging for now until we get our acts together to make plans materialize.. 😉

    hope to see you soon! kisses to the daughters! 😉

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