Pinangat: A Certified Bicolana’s Easy Recipe

Pinangat: A Pure Bicolana’s Easy Recipe

Pinangat is one of the dishes I truly miss eating. During the late 80’s, when I was still living in Buhi, Camarines Sur, my Grandma and I would normally have this sumptuous Pinangat for dinner. Believe me, you will have more than a cup of rice with this as your “ulam”.

Today, let me share with you a recipe from my cousin, Mabel. She was able to buy Taro leaves from their community market and thought of making this dish. It will be easy, just as long as you already have all the ingredients ready. And speaking of ingredients, coconut milk is required to have this dish completed. The same important ingredient I used when I cooked another Bicol region’s recipe, Laing.

Our green leafy vegetable here is no other than the Taro leaves. Taro leaves are high in potassium and folate, but low calorie which is perfect help in strengthening the immune system.  I clearly remember our Buhi neighbors have this plant in their backyard.
Taro leaves

My cousin Mabel, shared with me how she cooked this dish. I have been wanting to cook my own version but Taro leaves is nowhere to find in our community market. I was left drooling as she shared the photos with me.  So now, here is what my certified Bicolana cousin’s recipe.

Pinangat Recipe

Pinangat recipe

Make sure to check your pot once in a while to prevent burning. You will know it’s done and cooked when the leaves are soft and the coconut milk has thickened.  Be sure to reserve some for toppings.

Pin this! PINANGAT A Certified Bicolana’s Easy Recipe

Arrange the Pinangat pieces in a long platter and top with the thick coconut milk sauce. Another option if you like it hot, is to top the dish with chopped chili.

Pinangat is equally satisfying as the famous Laing and Bicol Express, I tell you. This is definitely a must try.

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