FMS Photo A Day Challenge: Sauce

FMS Photo A Day: September 4 – Sauce : Filipino Dish

I have been joining FMS Photo A Day in IG for sometime now. Today, I’d like to also share here my entry for September 4 prompt: SAUCE. This is a saucy Filipino dish called Laing. That in the photo is how I want it to be, a little saucy. Most of the time, this Filipino dish is spicy but I didn’t crush those chili. My hubby did when he took some on to his plate, though.

Photo A Day LAING

Laing is one of the many delicious dishes that hails from the region of Bicol. My Mom was a true-blooded Bicolana from the province of Camarines Sur, in Buhi town. Bicol is geographically big, there are several versions of Laing out there and almost all, spicy! This Filipino dish is made with dried Taro leaves, coconut milk, shrimp paste and chili. With mine, those chili were there for presentation purposes only. I also had to skip adding the shrimp paste this time and used pork bits instead.


Our daughters had requested a non spicy version, so this Mom had to give in. Besides, chili is so expensive nowadays, so YES to their request! Those two pieces you see in the photo had been in the fridge before the price soared in its highest. How much is it in the market, you asked? Php 800-1000 per kilo!

Joining FMS Photo A Day Challenge

If you would like to join in the photo a day challenge by Fat Mum Slim on Instagram, please do so. It is fun and a good way to squeeze out the creative juices in you. Please also visit and follow my own Instagram account, Septembercharm. You should see there other Filipino dishes I have made for the family. Let me know if you got it from here and have joined the challenge so I could follow you back.

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