Chicken with Creamy Corn and Potatoes
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Chicken with Creamy Corn and Potatoes

Chicken with Creamy Corn and Potatoes is definitely a new dish for me, for the family. As a Mom, have you ever experienced asking yourself what dish to prepare for your family as soon as you open your eyes in the morning? It is quite challenging especially if you are a working Mom, right? Even if you are like me who work from home, it is really a test.  There are many things to consider in preparing everyday dishes for the whole family. It has to be healthy. It has to be something that everyone will eat… and appreciate – a bonus!

One morning, I already know I am to make Chicken Afritada but I only have half a kilo of chicken thighs and a few potatoes. I also found a can of corn kernels in the shelf, so I had to search for a recipe I can use these ingredients I readily have. Simply because I felt too lazy to go out and buy few more missing ingredients to go for the Afritada dish I originally planned. I found Chicken with Creamy Corn and Potatoes from Kraft Recipes and it caught my attention. Although I did not follow their recipe exactly, it was my inspiration.

I only had the ingredients I have already mentioned, used butter, added cheddar cheese, ground pepper, and cream cheese. It was a breeze cooking this particular recipe. And that is what I have accomplished! The girls really liked it!

There are dish recipes you just learned from watching your mom or grandparent. Have you seen my post about one dish I learned from my Bicolana mom? It is my Laing dish, the non-spicy version. On the other hand, online access to different recipes is truly a big help to many moms, including myself. I found another recipe from the same website and will sure try that some other time.

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