New Year Goals – Tips to Achieve Them

New Year Goals – Tips to Achieve Them
2017 Goals

What happened with your 2017 goals? With your travel and financial goals specifically? We’re you able to achieve what you have targeted at the early stage of that year? If not, fret not! You are not alone. Good news is, it is a brand new year. We are all given the chance to start again and keep going.


If we ended last year without achieving 100% of the goals we have set back then, then there has to be a different approach. Change is necessary. Re-assess the targets you have not met yet and write down the plans. Let these things listed be your guide through the year. Once you have accomplished or finished one, cross it out from the list. It also best to give yourself a little reward every time you cross out a goal. Rewards does not have to be expensive. Go get yourself a sweet treat!

Financial Goals

As for your finances, it is highly recommended to allot a percentage of your salary or earnings to go to debt payments, savings and investments. A VUL insurance policy is an investment and insurance in one. It is savings. It can also be your retirement fund, an addition to your future SSS retirement benefit.


If our analysis indicates that insurance is NECESSARY to accomplish your GOALS, would there be any reason why you wouldn’t go ahead with it? Start on the right track in achieving your goals this 2018. It always better to be 5 years early than 5 minutes late, right?

There is a group of good, multi-awarded and trustworthy Financial Advisors I know, and I would gladly recommend you to them. Just leave a comment in this post on what you require and need. It would also be of help to know where you are from.


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