New Flavors: Selecta Ice Cream

ice cream

We are beating the summer heat!

Either we go out swimming or just chill and spend time at home, we make sure to keep our cool! One way of doing so is enjoying cold drinks and desserts – ice cream on top of the list! We have tried the new flavors of Selecta ice cream, Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie and Oreo Rocky Road. And to tell you honestly, these tubs were empty in less than 48 hours. It was not quite fast since I get to enjoy these new flavors with just 2 kids. We all love the new flavors, hmmm… I personally have enjoyed the Mrs. Fields¬†¬†Chocolate Chip Cookie than the other flavor. These flavors are (I think) limited and some grocery stores don’t have them yet so when you guys got the chance to find one, grab the tub!

Since this post is not a review, let us keep my ratings a secret! Haha!

You have been given a hint!


One thought on “New Flavors: Selecta Ice Cream

  1. Local ice cream shops are churning out some cool new flavors this summer. From a pretzel-and-potato-chip-packed scoop to a cornbread sundae, your taste buds will melt over these funky flavored treats.

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