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Grow Your Own Food Campaign

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Since the pandemic started, a lot of people started discovering talents, skills and new hobbies they can nurture. Who would have thought that the Enhanced Community Quarantine had some good things to make us realize? Besides that, there were a lot too, especially the younger ones, who has more time creating posts and videos or just simply browsing in TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. My daughter for example, found an acrylic painting challenge last April, she joined. And enjoyed. As for me, I accept group invitations gladly, especially those that spark interest in me.

Oh My, Gulay! Grow Your Own Food Campaign

In collaboration with Yumi’s Farm, the multi-talented artist, Ms. Kim Cabutiihan, created Oh My, Gulay! Grow Your Own Food Campaign. The group aims nothing but the best for every household’s dinner table. In the group’s page description, it was stated that:

“The movement hopes to encourage participants to get through their day seeing solutions, planting possibilities, and harvesting the best this life has to offer.”

Too beautiful not to share, right? Too beautiful not to invite my Facebook friends (who loves to plant and is into urban farming) to join the campaign and share their knowledge as well.

Grow Your Own Food

“Something magical, almost miraculous happens when you plant, nurture and grow your own food. A sense of wonder nourishes your soul seeing a plant grow from seed to flowers and to something you can actually eat. If everyone started growing their own food, we will not only be able to save money and rely less on imported food, we will also be able to help feed not just our own families but other families in need as well. If everyone started growing their own food, we will be more hopeful. Because one cannot plant and not hope.” ~ Admin Kim

And with this group’s mission, they received great support and assistance from Mr. Roberto Atregenio Jr. of the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist-Quezon who provided free vegetable seeds for the group to give out and deliver to many households. OMG! would like to commend Ms. Jaybee Apa of Tanggol Kalikasan too, for her valuable input with the group’s weekly contests and of course, Mr. Romulo Oserin who is in charge of the seeds and prizes delivery.

Eager, hopeful and inspired members has posted images of what they have started. There were many greens – Ampalaya, KangKong, cabbage, Okra, Lettuce, long chili (capsicum) and fruit-bearing plants too.  These are all in the campaign’s first week. They have been busy, I tell you. The energy these members have are just contagious that I started planting too.  I was able to grow (into a little plant) a squash seed, tomatoes and Cayenne Pepper.

Grow Your Own Food Campaign
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I know I wasn’t born with what they call a “Green thumb”, but I am willing to try again (I failed many times already, haha!) and excited to plant and harvest from my own plants. You know, you can never go wrong with the freshness of homegrown foods.

Homegrown Foods

Have you ever heard people say, “from farm to table”? This means that the food is fresh from a local distributor/farmer schools, restaurants or households.  Needless to say,  homegrown foods or “from home garden to table” means almost the same. In growing your own food, you are sure to serve your family with something fresh, delicious and healthy. Here is an example of a beautiful plated output from one of the people behind the campaign, Kim.

Baby Potatoes Salad with Blue Ternate

Kim mentioned that the baby potatoes are from a local seller, while the cabbage and Blue Ternate are from her garden. She added garlic and salt for taste and served it with love.

Here are a few more inspiring photos of homegrown foods from the members of the campaign. People from different parts of the National Capital Region, Laguna and Quezon shared their knowledge in urban farming and some even volunteered in distributing free seeds. Isn’t that awesome? People united in the campaign to grow your own food is such a great blessing amidst the pandemic.

It is amazing that the group just keeps growing. So, if you are someone who is interested in urban farming or knows someone who would love to learn, join us! You can send me a personal message to invite you, or visit the group Oh My, Gulay! Grow your own Food Campaign to join.

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